Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just kick the damn ball....

I watched the Women’s World Cup on Sunday as many did. I’m a sports fan but I’m not a soccer fan. My brothers played soccer, my nephews played soccer, my nieces played soccer. I have seen a lot of soccer. In one tragic attempt where my family thought they could turn me into an athlete I played soccer.

I don’t like it. But when the World Cup rolls around, and certainly women are involved, I have to watch.

A) Country

B) Dynamic women winning stuff.

I’m totally in.

I have two guys I work with who are former soccer players. (Soccer is all around me!). We were talking about the game and I was actually admitting that I thought the game was exciting and interesting and it held my attention. Of course I added my neophyte spin.

“But there were so many times when they had shots and missed… why couldn’t they just kick the damn ball straight!”

Soccer guy number one smiled. In that way he does when he knows I’m wrong. Soccer guy number two immediately went into counter attack mode. He presented me with an analogy.

“Your lifelong dream is to write a book that millions will read?”


“Okay. Here is your chance. Now. Do it. Just do it. How hard could it be? You’re a professional – like these women. You have an opportunity to “win” - like these women. Through hard work and dedication you have abilities – like these women. So now in this one moment with the world watching… Just do it!”

Did I mention I hate NIKE commercials? His point was made. No matter how simple something looks, like writing a book about a wizard or a vampire or kicking a ball into the net – we professionals know how hard it is.

Hard to perform on command when deadlines are pressing. Hard to make the shot (book) perfect when you need to. Hard to achieve every goal you set out to do… like publishing, awards and lists.


So here is to the US Women Soccer team who tried. Here is to the Japan Women Soccer team who won. And this is a reminder to everyone struggling to make their “dream” happen.

Dreams are hard. For a reason. Sorry.


Molly O'Keefe said...

Steph i read your post and wished profoundly that I had a job that allowed me to talk to other people, not about my job but about things like World Cup Soccer -

Maureen and I met yesterday for a work date and not once did we talk about world cup soccer.

Dreams are hard. I think that's why I keep my head down most of the time, if I looked up I would freak out and miss the ball.

Sinead M said...

I saw that game and it was awesome... truly great and all the while I thought it must be heartbreaking to be the American girl who kicked the penalty ball over the net..

to break down that close to a win...

I cannot imagine the pressure...

Maureen McGowan said...

That's the thing about people who do things well... they often make it look easy.

I didn't see any of the World Cup, but wish I had. Then I could have talked about it with Molly. ;)

Eileen said...

Might I add that the US goalie has the best goalie name ever. I think we should call all goalies Hope Solo from now on in her honor.

And yes, it's ever so much more difficult when the world is watching, isn't it?

Stephanie Doyle said...

Eileen the lunch table thinks Hope Solo is the long lost daughter of Han Solo.

She even sort of looks like him.

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