Monday, May 02, 2011

Real Life Inspiration

Wow - what a weekend for world events. A Royal Wedding and the bloody end of a ten year hunt for the deadliest terrorist of our time. The twenty-four hour news shows FINALLY have some news to fill all those hours.

Most of the world is breathing a sigh of relief over the end of Bin Laden (none more so than Kate and William who can slink back to regular royal life)and I hope the widows, widowers and children of the innocent victims of 9/11 have some closure.

It's hard to stop watching TV to get more information on the last moments of Bin Laden's life. Waiting for them to rerun the clips of the blood-splattered bedroom, the mansion on fire. Which is weird and morbid, but I'm still doing it.

I'm sure all of us writers are watching the news and thinking of the angles - the stories. We're taking these real life events and finding the room for fiction. We did it with the Royal Wedding and now, this CIA kill mission. And what's been great about this weekend, as I'm feeling utterly devoid of inspiration or even will to write, my brain has found something to chew on.

So, what I'm thinking about:

Obviously, that Navy SEAL team. We'll probably never know the names of the men who stormed that mansion, but they know and that's exciting stuff. Imagining those men has made Brockman a super star and I have no intention of trying - but they're fun to think about.

That burial at sea seems really convenient to me, which has made me wonder - perhaps Bin Laden is not what we thought he was...did they bring him onto that ship only to find out he was...cyborg? Dragon? A woman?

I'm also wondering about that mansion outside of Islamabad. Was that his house? Did someone there betray Bin Laden? It seems like US forces knew where he was for a while, but I like to pretend right now that Bin Laden just came out of whatever rat hole he was living in in the mountains, to take a shower and spew his poison. And someone at that house betrayed him. In my mind it was a woman.

So, how about you - inspired by recent events? Still processing? Jubuliant over the end of a terrorist? Still wondering what the Royal Counsins were thinking with those hats and dresses at the wedding?


Kwana said...

I'm feeling cautiously optimistic about the future and like you my mind is going to how the operation must have went down. I'm also thinking of all the misdirection that was going on here while this operation was in the works. Astonishing.

Stephanie Doyle said...

I'm with Kwana... I'm feeling like we're on roll.

The Royal Wedding... now this. Feels like a "win" for peace and happiness in the world.

And definitely still trying to process Beatrice and Eugenie... although I have to say I loved them as they fit the roll of the "evil" cousins so well.

I mean what's a fairy tale without a villian.

Thanks for all the black eyeliner girls!

Eileen said...

Those were some seriously bad hats on those girls.

It is really interesting where everyone's minds go on these things. I adore Suzanne Brockmann's books, but know I could never think big enough to come up with those plots or detailed enough to make up those operations and all that go into them. I get a brain cramp just thinking about it.

Sinead M said...

Too funny. I could totally get into a story with Bin Laden as a female cyborg.

Maureen McGowan said...

Oh, I love the idea that he was a cyborg or a dragon! Awesome plot twist. :)

Molly O'Keefe said...

Ohhh...the misdirection. Did you hear about the twitter feed from someone living in the area, wondering what was going on with the helicopters. Life in real time...

Beatrice and Eugenie - don't they have people telling them what to do? Didn't anyone say something about the eyeliner?

I'm with you eileen - no interest in telling the SEAL story for exactly the same reasons - and I think Brockman did and did it so well, everything else is too derivitive...

I thought you'd like the female cyborg, Sinead.

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