Friday, April 30, 2010

Writer's retreat

First off, my apologies, because of some drunk writer talk, I got four hours of sleep, and the coffee hasn't quite hit my system yet, so there will be typos and wierd phrasing. (it was totally worth it)

We at drunk writers have been throwing around the idea of a writer retreat for a while now. A place where we go for a few days, to read, chat and possibly drink. And last night we hammered out some of the details.

Molly's main criteria is a place where someone brings us drinks.
Mine is somewhere warm, because to me there is nothing more decadent than lying on a chaise, in really hot weather, and reading.
We threw around the possibility of Vegas, then an all-inclusive somewhere south and sunny, and finally Maureen mentioned the idea of a spa, which is particulary intriguing.

Molly and I have young kids, so who knows when this will actually happen, but it's really nice to think about and plan for.

Any other ideas? Anyone out there have an ideal destination for their writer retreat?


Danica Avet said...

I'm a lurker, hiya.

Every writer's retreat should have schexy time it with some kind of all male review, or male model expo...and I'm so there.

Chevy Stevens said...

You could got to Tofino on VancouverIsland. Turn up the speakers! A spa and gorgeous scenery. There's something pretty inspiring watching those huge West Coast waves crash on an endless beach.

For me a cabin anywhere works, but I love the Gulf Islands.

Chevy Stevens said...

Aw, the link didn't work. And I mean " go to" of course :)

Stephanie Doyle said...

I need to be near water. God has sent me down to this life for one purpose and one purpose only... to own property near the water.

What He didn't tell me was how freakin expensive that was.

But if I want to relax and chill and think...the beach, any beach is where I need to be.

You guys set the place and I'll be there with bells on.

Eileen said...

I went on a great retreat in Point Reyes here in northern California. It would be near water for you, Steph. My friend and I rented a little cabin (okay, she rented the cabin). We'd walk down to town (about a mile) in the morning, get coffee and a pastry, then back up the hill for writing. We'd go back down for dinner.

It's the home of the Cowgirl Creamery which is pretty fabulous if you're a fan of cheese.

No one brought us drinks, but we felt quite capable of opening our own bottles of wine. I think I ended up writing around 75 pages that weekend. It was fab.

Karen w said...

Mountains or water. Campbell River on Vancouver Island has both. This fall, I'm wanting to go to the NINC conference on Clearwater Beach, Florida.

My dh and I want to own waterfront property and we've looked at it for literally YEARS, but Steph is right. It is freakin' expensive.

If I could have forest and mountains and water, I would be happy.

Molly O'Keefe said...

Oh - Sinead - you're such a trooper for even posting - I saw your panic at midnight when you realized you only had 5.5 hours before having to get up with an baby and you were STILL IN THE BAR!!

Yep, I want to wake up, excercise (sweat out the red wine from the night before) write, walk, write some more, retire to the pool where I have a little flag and the second I put that little flag up, someone...yes, young and hot, or old and hot, hot and shirtless, brings me something to drink.

That sounds like a place I can get some work done...

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