Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm a little ashamed

Sorry for the late blog. Somedays just do not come together the way you hope and plan..

In fact make that some weeks...

I have been wracking my brain, searching for a highbrow topic to post on, but the truth is, all I want to talk about right now is The Vampire Diaries,
seriously, love this show and the more episodes they air, they more I really enjoy it.

I'm always curious when a new show does really well right off the bat, and this one did and while the cute vampires have a lot to do with it, it's more than that.
These writers know pacing. Nothing gets dragged out, the show continually surprises me with how quickly they resolve mysteries, and at the same time, drag three more into the spotlight. It reminds me of the best of the YA books I've read recently.

And they've reduced the amount of teenage diary love annoyance that was my problem initially with the show.

I still find the two main leads bland, but it doesn't bother me much. They have an unrepentant bad boy( and he is actually bad,) and they haven't even explained why he is the way he is, haven't even really hinted at it much, and it doesn't detract from the character much at all.

It doesn't make him unredeemable, they just aren't weighing him down with tortured backstory.
Something I think, would be interesting to use in the romance world. Sometimes a guy is bad, and he can still be redeemed.

Ocassionally I feel like a teenage girl while watching the show, but I find I'm anticipating it each week. I think right now, it's my absolute favourite show on tv.


Eileen said...

I watched most of it last night, Sinead, and thought it was great, too. I could have lived without the Sock Hop thing, but I did love the "all alone in a crowd" feeling of it. And when the heroine starts stabbing the bad vamp with the pencils? Genius!

Maureen McGowan said...

That's what I like about the show, Eileen. It's 2 parts cheesy teen show, with sock hops and diaries and crushes and silly fights between friends. And then POW. Death and danger and destruction. And often unexpectedly.

The few things that bug me (like why didn't that vamp girl just compel the brother to give her the journal if it was that important, right off the bat?) are outweighed by how much fun I have watching it.

And can't wait to see Mia Kirschner on this show. No way are they wasting an actress like that on flashes of a death scene and a photo... Damen must have made her into a vamp. and how cool that she's Elana's mother!!!! I'm hoping she's extra evil. ;)

Okay, I'm loving the show too, apparently.
I mostly just love how willing they are to kill characters off. Although at this point, I expect most of the main characters will live... Although i thought that earlier and they surprised me.

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