Thursday, July 02, 2009

Crying in the Theatre

Well, we've been very bad bloggers this week... I blame birthdays. Within 4 days at the beginning of July, I have Canada's, my younger sister's, my Dad's and America's.

Not that (being a Canadian) I really celebrate the 4th... Unless I find a good excuse to... Like an American friend... Maybe Molly needs someone to have a drink with on Sat? (Call me.)

Anyway, in the interest of not having the same post up for an entire week, I thought I'd just say how much I enjoyed seeing West Side Story today, onstage at The Stratford Festival. (Yes, they do musicals as well as the Shakespeare, to get more bums into seats.)

Clearly I knew the story going in. And I've seen the movie several times. But boy did I cry. Wow. Really well done.

Went with my sister, two of her friends, and 4 tweenaged girls. The adults were all balling. The kids, not so much. They just thought the actor who played Tony was hot.


Sinead M said...

It sounds wonderful, and that poster makes it seem like the production was sort of sexy and hot..
Never a bad thing..

Margaret Moore said...

Oh, oh, oh! We're going to see this! Thanks for the heads up, so I know to have tissues handy!

Maureen McGowan said...

You'll love it, Margaret. The day we saw it, the actress who plays Maria was getting over an illness... so her voice wasn't super strong. But was still good. The first time she coughed, and it clearly wasn't a "clearing her throat" cough, I couldn't believe it.
My sister's friend works for the festival and said Maria was really sick. I imagine Tony is now, too. They kiss during the show. A lot. :-)

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