Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Conference Agenda

Well, I'm here in DC. And feeling somewhat relaxed considering the RWA National conference is about to begin.

Last night I had dinner with the lovely and talented Diana Peterfreund and the equally lovely and talented C. L. Wilson and was asked: what's your plan for the week?

I realized I didn't really have one. Yes, I have meetings. Yes, I'm getting together with friends for drinks. Yes, I have a few parties scheduled. But plan? Not so much this year.

Part of me thinks that's crazy. This conference costs a (relative) fortune and to come without clear objectives seems frivolous. On the other hand, in other years I've come with such a clear set agenda in my mind of who I wanted to meet and how I wanted that meeting to pan out... that invariably I came away disappointed. I suppose, back a few years ago when it was all about pitching, I usually came away happy. But since then, my goals have been more nebulous and it's been harder to quantify whether I achieved much.

So, this year? Go with the flow. Try to learn stuff. Try to come out of my borderline introvert shell more often and meet new people. Pass out business cards (with info about the anthology I'm going to be in on the back). What? You didn't know about that? More later. ;-)


Alli said...

Shout it from the rooftops, Maureen! The anthology is gonna be fabulous!

I think you are wise to go with the flow this year. Nationals are so darn crazy it can make your head spin. I can almost guarantee you'll walk away from this one happier and with more contacts/information than you could ever imagine. Sometimes the best plans are.... having none.


Chevy Stevens said...

Anthology! Tell, tell, tell!

Congratulations and have a great time at the conference!

Kwana said...

I am loving this no plan plan. Have a wonderful time. Am missing seeing you this year my friend. Best of luck with the Anthology!

Sinead M said...

Can't wait to hear about your no plans conference and really wishing I were there with you..

wordnerd said...

I wish so so much that I was there, too! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Your neighbor to the South,


Barrie said...

Looking forward to hearing your wrap-up. congrats again on the anthology!

Eileen said...

It was wonderful to see you, even though it was brief. I find it difficult to plan more than the schedule for that conference. I am constantly being pulled in fifteen different directions at once.

I did come away with something important though. It's from a workshop that Steven Axelrod and Julie Ann Long did. I am staying in the moment and rising above.

Come to think of it, I think it might have been how you did the whole conference!

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