Friday, May 01, 2009

What to write when you have nothing

Some blog posts are hard.
Especially when it's Friday and I just want to ramble on about why I love chocolate pudding, and how I've been fantasizing about a Dairy Queen Blizzard, and want to read interviews with the creator of the Wire all day, instead of doing the many, many things I should be doing.

I've been trying to understand what it is about that show that we all love so much. I'm a small ways into Season 3, and itching to watch the rest, but not completely obsessed. Yet. The one thing about the Wire is that, is drops you in the middle of it's world, without ever explaining the world, but takes its time to really build the storylines. Almost the opposite of what every other show does... or book for that matter, where we spend endless paragraphs building and explaining the world and start the story immediately..
See Molly's paranormal beef post.

I've been thinking about getting my hands on the next Sherry Thomas and Elizabeth Hoyt historicals and when I can see Wolverine.. because I don't care about reviews when Hugh Jackman and Taylor Kitsch are in the same movie.

And really, I've been editing. The nuts and bolts stuff, fixing details, deepening POV, making sure the scenes make sense, not really thinking much about the actual storytelling.
It's not my favourite part of the process, by a long shot. And I'm nowhere close to being on my self-imposed deadline.

It's an exciting life....


Maureen McGowan said...

I know what you mean about The Wire. A slow build each season. I can completely see why this show didn't take off in terms of ratings... but so worth the effort. Especially, for me, season 3. Enjoy. (My DVD player is still busted. Must go buy new one. Now.)

Or go see Wolverine. Hmmmmm... Nice to have these choices before me.

Oh, and I finally started The Shadow and the Star last night while my power was out. (Have a booklight, so while I couldn't finish my editing, or watch TV, I could read...)

I finally get it, Sinead. I finally get it. :-)

Cat Connor said...

As I started my second glass of Merlot for the night and read your blog - I realised I spent an entire day doing all manner of things but none of which were really needed.
I did, however, manage to do some research. (okay a phone call to an emergency department nurse with connections.. but it counts!!)

- I managed a blog but because I was freaking furious at someones lies and stupidity. :)

I obviously need another glass of red... lol

Molly O'Keefe said...

yeah - that slow build for each season in The Wire is a risky move and I think they got both the bad fall out - low ratings, but also the rewards, which is huge DVD sales, because when you can watch them back to back the show really is something else.

Maureen - i have a DVD player you can have -- it's all yours.

Where are you in Shadow and Star?? Huh?? Do you love it? How could you not love it? Kinsale does that long slow build too and I think she has the same problems - not a huge legion of fans, but those she has are rabid!

Sinead - you obsess on chocolate bread pudding all you want!

Sinead M said...

I need alcohol..... Cat, that glass of merlot sounds fantastic..

Love the Wire, am obsessed..

Maureen welcome to another obsession, Laura Kinsale.

Amy Ruttan said...

Sinead you had me at the Blizzards, but for me it's the DQ ice cream cake for me. Can't get enough of the stuff. ;)

I want to see Wolverine, but if I have to chose one movie or another this month, well I'm going to see Star Trek.

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