Monday, December 08, 2008

Kid Movies and Wall-E

My son is finally off Toopie and Binoo -- hooray! Not that it wasn't cute or charming, but I've watched more hours of that little rat and his whatever it is friend than anyone needs to.

And joy of joys - Mick has moved on to movies. (Not that we don't encourage playing and exercise but there is a time and a place for some chilling out in front of the television.)

I have been excited about these movie watching days since getting pregnant with him. I can not wait to sit down and watch ET with him, and Star Wars. I am as excited about this as I am about him learning to read and wanting to read.

I love kid movies. And they've gotten so sophisticated and smart recently with those brainiacs at Pixar upping the bar for everyone involved in the industry.

We just recently watched Wall-E.

Best movie of the year by far. No question. Not that I've seen any other ones, but you'd have to go a long way to get better than this movie. It's visually stunning. Artful. There is no dialogue for almost forty minutes or something crazy - and yet my ADHD kid is totally riveted by this little robots earnest squeaks. And they are earnest and funny and sincere - there's more character revealed in the mechanical noises than in anything on television these days.

The story is fabulous with great twists and reversals of expectation. Seriously, I loved this movie and since it's the end of the year and about time I start thinking about those kinds of things - I will say it - best movie, for me, of the year.


Sinead M said...

Haven't seen it yet, but we've been working through the Disney catalogue and it's funny to see the movies that resonate the most with my wee one.
so far the Lion King, to the point where she won't answer to anything but Mafasa... not Mufasa, Mafasa, emphasis on the A.
Can't wait to see Wall E, and right now don't really have a best movie of the year.. not many have stood out for me.. although I still need to see Slumdog Millionaire..

Margaret Moore said...

My daughter does a great imitation of Wall-E's "ta da!" :-) We all loved it and my kids are in their twenties.

Just FYI, though -- my daughter burst into the tears the first time she saw ET at her grandma's when she was about 4. "They left him behind!" she wailed. Yep, she thought he'd been abandoned by his folks and that it was it for that movie.

Perhaps needless to say, I don't believe she's seen Bambi to this day....

Maureen McGowan said...

I loved Wall-E, too. (And bought it for my nephew for Christmas.) Good thing he doesn't read DWT or it would spoil the surprise.

There were a bunch of times I thought I knew where that film was headed and I was getting ready to roll my eyes... and then it kept surprising me.

Sinead. Mafasa. LOL. At least she's not Cinderella anymore?

Amy Ruttan said...

I know Aidan is so not into Treehouse. He's loving Disney, I'm so glad Toopy and Binoo are behind us. WOOT!!

Of course ... I am having another. At least I'll have some respite.

Aidan really wants to see Wall E, but still his major obsession is Pixar's Cars. It's CARS everything, Lightning McQueen everything.

M. said...

I agree, Wall-E was superb. A full-length movie that doesn't get boring despite almost total lack of dialogue, with a serious message that doesn't get preachy. But man- Disney's insistance of pricing their products higher than everyone else hurts every time.

My DH remarked the other day that there's a whole generation of kids now who know the Disney brand but haven't a clue who Mickey Mouse is. It's all moved beyond him now.

Molly, your little man might also like "Happy Feet" if you skip over the leopard seal and orca bits. My 19-month-old certainly enjoys it (makes her dance).

MaryF said...

I LOVE WALL-E!!!! TERRIFIC little hero! I bought the DVD for my son, who loves it and he's 17!!! He does get mad at me when I walk around saying, "Waaaall-e?" "Eee-vah!

Anonymous said...

My favorite was Nero so far. But since you've officially pronounced it worth of the Oscar, I'll order it. CFM will just have to grumble until the first squeaks, then I'm sure he'll be hooked.

It must be so awesome to hold that little one and dream about sharing your favorite things with him.

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