Friday, December 26, 2008

Dear Santa,

Thanks again for a great year in books. You really came through for us historical lovers with some really wonderful authors who are doing a fantastic job of rejuvenating the genre.
Please keep up the good work and add a couple of new authors, because it isn’t fair to ask Sherry Thomas, Elizabeth Hoyt and Joanna Bourne to write three amazing books a year.
One will do, if we have a couple more authors.

I’m going to second Molly’s wish for some great contemporary romances. Humour, no humour, I’ll take them any way I can get them.

And not to be too greedy, but a great last ten episodes to Battlestar would be fantastic and thanks for getting us a third season of Friday Night Lights. Is asking for a fourth being way too greedy?

More great movies would be also really nice. A third sequel to the Batman franchise that actually lives up the magic that is the Dark Knight would make my year. Another Wall E and Slumdog Millionaire perhaps?

And lastly, and this is me being really greedy. A burst of inspiration for the current WIP.. It can’t hurt to ask, and it would really help me out.

And that’s it. Hope you had a great Christmas and I know this letter is reaching you late but keep me in mind for Christmas 2009.

Drunk Writer Sinead


Maureen McGowan said...

Did you see Slumdog??? Whatcha think?

I loved that movie, but often seeing films at the festival gives them a halo effect...

Sinead M said...

Loved Slumdog, felt it lived up the praise, but would have loved seeing it without knowing anything about it and being truly surprised.
Danny Boyle is now my new favourite director..

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