Sunday, January 07, 2007

Drumroll....The Best (and not so best) of 2006!!!

This is really only going to be a jumping off spot for the rest of the week , I'm sure. There's no way I will have remembered all the things I loved or hated this year and will be needing my fellow drunk writers to remind me.
But here's a starter list

BEST TV of 2006
Well, I think the easy answer there is Dexter. (Everyone get ready for Sinead's Battlestar Gallactica rampage.) I think in terms of gripping entertainment, interesting and brave storytelling and fabulous across the board acting the BEST award has to go to Dexter.

Followed closely by Friday Night Lights (I will spare you from more declarations of love and will just say last week I cried - like a baby), The Office (so much sweeter and earnest than the English version a little less mean, but just as funny) and House (it was falling apart for me and then I saw the season opener for the first time and man oh man I buy the homoerotic antagonism between House and the David Morse character). And of course - So You Think You Can Dance

Best Television watched on DVD - Firefly! Damn you the non-believers that cancelled that show.

Most Disappointing -- Prison Break (with a few redeeming moments) and Lost -- what in the world is going on?

Movies 2006 - this is where I am going to fall apart I can't remember anything from ten minutes ago much less my summer of Movies for Mommies. Sinead, Maureen what was good? The Departed? Borat? Lady in the Water? I really really liked Shut Up and Sing. Rocky Balboa!!!! (more about that next week)

Disappointing - Lady In The Water -- it was good but it wasn't great.

Books! Best of the Year for me Hands Down A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel. Followed by The Dark Queen and The Courtesan by Susan Carroll. I am starting Saving Grace by Deborah Smith and I can already tell it's on my list. And I really liked a Million Little Pieces - fiction or non-fiction the scandal just made it better. The Poision Study -- good read.

Most disappointing -- The Silver Rose or whatever the name of the third Susan Carroll book in the Dark Queen Series -- couldn't even get through the first third. Ugh.

Most disappointing but I finished it and can't stop thinking about it and will probably re-read it - The Anne Stuart Cold As Ice. Want to hate it...but I can't.

The hype about the book that ruined the book for me -- Something Borrowed. It's good - but my god! I had to listen to a lot of theorizing on that thing.

This should be a fun discussion....


Molly O'Keefe said...

See it hasn't been a day and I have some amendments.

TV -- I totally forgot my summer favorites -- Entourage! Jeremy Piven is fantastic and of course the crack candy that was Rock Star Supernova.

And movies how could I forget Casino Royale, Little Miss Sunshine and a movie that came out a few years ago but I just saw this year -- Anchorman with Will Farrell. Hilarious.

Sinead M said...

This is going to be tough to narrow everything down.
I agree with so much of what you said, Molly, including Casino Royale and Supernova..

I am brewing my own list, which will of course have the aforementioned Battlestar Galactica and another wonderful fav. Dexter.
The one I'm having problems with is books..

Maureen McGowan said...

I'm going to have problems with books, too....

Sorry if Sinead and I wrecked Something Borrowed for you. I loved that book, but you know that.

My one major disagreements from stuff you list that I've seen? Lady in the Water. I'd put it on my bottom ten. It probably wasn't one of the 10 worst movies released in 2006, but it was definitely one of the 10 worst I saw.

And Lost. Still loving Lost. And liking Prison Break, too...

I'm going to attempt a list. Sadly, I'll have trouble with books, too...

Wylie Kinson said...

Love this topic. I agree yet disagree...
TV - Agree with Dexter (thanks to y'all who turned me on), Rockstar, Lost, House.
Movies - Casino Royale - definitely.
Books - Cold As Ice, really??? I found it ridiculous.

I've never watched Battlestar G (not since the original series in the 70's!) I must give it a try.

Molly O'Keefe said...

Ridiculous how????

Wylie Kinson said...

Well, the heroine, a smart 'graduated at the top of my law class' girl made some over-the-top dopey decisions. I found her character to be so unrealistic that I didn't like her.
And the evil dude went from brilliant and charming to over-the-top psycho child-murderer from hell in the space of a few pages.
None of her characters seemed 'real' to me (Ms Stuart is no Molly O'Keefe!!)
And finally, the 'secret organization' -- yeah, that didn't work for me either.

It was my first Anne Stuart, and I've heard so many good things about her books, perhaps my expectations were too high...

Maia said...

You are the T.V. show queen, Molly. I haven't seen Dexter or Friday Night Lights and feel I'm really missing something. I'll be sure to look for them now. I'm ashamed to say I love Dancing with the Stars. I get a strange sense that all's right with the world when B-list actors learn complicated dance steps. Can't wait for LOST to come back. I'm a recent devotee to House. Haven't caught the new homoerotic thing with the David Morse characer, but then I've only seen one episode. Gotta love homoerotic antagonism.

Christine said...

My husband and I started watching Dexter. He went ahead and watched them all! I need to get caught up soon. He keeps bugging me to watch them all.

Heroes is my fav new show of the year. Though I'm hoping a new show called the Dresden Files turns out to be good. It's starting on Space the end of this month.

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