Friday, July 19, 2013

Left Behind

It's RWA national conference week, and most of our Drunk Writers are there, and probably hungover. I'm jealous (not of the hangover) and know they are having an awesome time, but this is always the week where I try and come up with things to do to make sure I'm not feeling too badly abandoned.

Here are the things I'm doing this week to take my mind off all the fun they're having.

1) I watched Pacific Rim - awesome, fun, sort of brainless movie with Charlie Hunnan and Idris Elba. Every movie should have an Idris in it.

2) Catching up on the last season of Breaking Bad. It's really great this season. There might have been a point where I thought Bryan Cranston was a tad over rated. I was wrong, I admit it, he's awesome and Aaron Paul, also incredible.

3) I'm working. There's so little time to work at Nationals, so I'm getting work done. I feel better if I'm productive this week.

4) I'm stock piling books for my vacation, a week to read, so excited. I've got Courtney Milan and Susanna Kearsley on tap.

And that's it. I hope everyone at Nationals is having a great time. Next year, I'm putting word out there. Anyone else not going should meet for drinks and celebrate in Toronto.


Eileen said...

I'm raising a cyber toast to you, Sinead. I'm not at Nationals either. It was just too hard to juggle with school.

Next year, it's in San Antonio and the year after it's back in New York. I might have to try to swing one of those.

Anonymous said...

Right back at you, Eileen! I would love to swing New York

Maureen McGowan said...

Wish you guys were both here!!!!
But glad you're having a productive week, Sinead.

Have a great vacation. :) You deserve it.

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