Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Renovating the romance genre

Dear Author gave Molly's new book an awesome review. In the review, among other great things, the reviewer said, "It’s as if O’Keefe understands the genre so well that she’s renovating it from inside, from the very center of its archetypes."

Not that any of this praise is surprising to me. I loved this book right from the first paragraph, the first time I read it, in the first draft of her proposal for this book. I don't think the opening changed a whole lot since the first time I had the privilege to read it.
"This was not how Tara Jean Sweet imagined her engagement. Perched on the edge of her eighty-nine-year-old fiance's wheelchair wearing a skirt so short there was a good chance the photographer was getting a shot of her uterus.
But at the top of the very long list of what was wrong with this picture were the cows."

Is that not the best opening for a contemporary romance, ever??? I mean: it raises questions, it's intriguing, it shows character, it sets up the situation -- and it's freaking funny. I think I snorted, loudly, when I hit the word uterus. People's heads turned.

I knew from reading this line the very first time that I was going to love finding out more about Tara Jean Sweet. (Even if I was a tiny worried about how Molly was going to pull off a romance where the heroine falls for her rich husband's son.) But only a tiny bit worried because I know Molly and her talent well enough to know that if anyone could pull that off, it was her.

And boy did she.

If you haven't bought this book yet, here's a handy link for Amazon:  Can't Buy Me Love and Barnes & Noble.

Not every reader of romance is going to love this book. And while I believe everyone should love it as much as I do, I think any time you're doing something different, something bold, something that pushes the limits of the genre, not everyone is going to immediately love it or recognize its brilliance. Look at any author who's taken the romance genre places it hasn't gone before--J.R. Ward comes to mind--and there will be haters.

But there will also be rabid fans. Of which I am one. :)

Congratulations, Molly!!!! 


Eileen said...

Congratulations on the great review! And yes, that first paragraph cracked me up, too. It's getting harder and harder not to just start reading, especially since Wolf Hall is totally NOT capturing my attention.

Molly O'Keefe said...

thank you - that review was INSANE!!! What every writer wants to hear - if it all falls apart after that, I will have that review to keep me warm.

It's been a super intense week on a bunch of different fronts, but I've been overwhelmed by the passionate love this book has gotten from people - it's amazing. Really gratifying. And while it's difficult at times - writing a book that people either passionately love or passionately hate - it's a better goal than writing something everyone sort of likes. So, Tara jean, whom I really didn't realize would stir the pot as she has - has taken on a life of her own - it's so amazing to see how people interpret her.

Brenda said...

Molly, huge congrats to you and well done for all those great reviews.

Now, I have a dilemma. What to do about buying the book? Is it 'better' for you if I order through Amazon or another on-line bookstore, or get it from my local Chapters?

Anonymous said...

The cool thing about being different is that when somebody gets it - especially a reviewer - it really puts you over the top and is so worth it. Huge congrats!!

Maureen McGowan said...

I'll answer for Molly. Buy it online or in store. Doesn't matter. :)

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