Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tina Fey wants to be my friend

I am sure of this. I am sure of this because of her American Express print ads - the one with her baby sitting at her desk and Tina's sitting under the desk surrounded by the mess of her messy successful mom/wife/writer/huge star life. Across from the picture is what she claims to be her perfect day which includes - naps, exercise, going to the park, movies, dinner with adults - that's my perfect day too! Eerie. No?

And while it might have started with this print ad my love grows for her every week with 30 Rock and it's not just because as the star and writer of the show it's the only show with new content - it's just that 30 Rock is easily the funniest, most ridiculous show on television with absolutely a heart of gold. Case in point - the last episode with Gladys Knight and the giant sing-a-long at the end of I'm Leaving On A Jetplane. Perfect because you saw it coming a mile away but at the same time it was the freshest, funniest most unexpected thing ever. Probably because Tracey Morgan started it off. Which is another reason I love Tina Fey -- she rescued Morgan from whatever he was doing after wasting away on Saturday Night Live -- and gave him a platform for his really really strange humour. The guy is hilarious. And who knew he'd go so well with Alec Baldwin? The episode when Alec Baldwin told Tracey Morgan that Baldwin was his father? And he left because "your moms didn't want me around no more."

30 Rock has totally eclipsed The Office for my favorite comedy on television.

And as a side note -- what the hell is going on with Friday Night Lights? How can they take something so sweet and ruin it like they are ruining it? I'm still watching - but I am getting close to not caring.

Anyway - back to stalking Tina Fey.


K J Gillenwater said...

"30 Rock" can be very hit or miss for me. Too much Tracy Morgan or Jenna, and I am underwhelmed. But more Liz Lemon & Jack shenanigans, and I'm happy.

What I think was a supremely hilarious comedy was "Arrested Development." It paved the way for quirky comedies with no laugh track--like "30 Rock." That show made me laugh out loud more times than I can remember.

"30 Rock"...? Well, I would say every other episode. Strange how humor can be so subjective. And just to clarify, I can't stand traditional sit-coms like "How I Met Your Mother" or that Charlie Sheen show. My faves? "The Office" (though that also can be hit or miss) and "My Name is Earl."

Anonymous said...

I do love 30 rock. It's one of the few shows out there that can make me laugh out loud.
It's not quite as good as Arrested Development, but a show that amazing can only happen once a decade, so we have a long wait ahead..

As for FNL.. this second season is killing me.. because in comparison to the first season, it sucks.. in comparison to everything else on network TV it's still heads and shoulders above the crowd.

Maureen McGowan said...

Tina would so make a good drunk writer. I'm sure she wants to be our best friend too, she just doesn't know it yet.

Kristin, That they canceled Arrested Development is the crime of the century... Although, frankly, three seasons is often enough for a sitcom. Some have managed to last longer without "jumping the shark" but part of me is glad that show didn't fizzle out on its last gasping desperate breath.

Jason Batemen. Another under appreciated actor. Anyone see his small but so sad and funny performance in Juno?

And I've given up on FNL, too, Molly. So sad. I didn't even like the Tim Riggins storyline this week. Saw it coming from a mile away. WAY too heavy handed on the foreshadowing. And, okay, they needed to wrap up and/or do something with the Guatemalan caregiver story... But just having her take off??? Too easy. And our old pal Landry. After being so freakin conflicted, it's like getting away with murder has had zero effect on him. And where's his Dad gone. Loved the scenes with him and his dad. It's like the writers have given up.

K J Gillenwater said...

Yes, FNL was just terrible. Lyla really needs to go. I think she is the least interesting character on the show and the worst actress out of all of them.

Riggins deserves better than this girl. I was really intrigued by Riggins living in the Taylors garage. I wanted some weird romance to bloom between Julie and Tim, even if it made no sense. The fact that he is this super-hot guy living in her garage did not seem to phase her as much as I wanted it to.

If I were drunk at a party and Tim Riggins offered to pretty much carry me home, I would have tried to make out with him...I'm just saying...

Here's to hoping this week's episode is better.

Maureen McGowan said...

Yes, Kristin, yes. They could have done do much more with that storyline. It ended too abruptly and too predictably. He could've started something sweet with Julie and then she catches her aunt kissing him... and meanwhile coach has no idea what's going on... Could've played that one for way more drama. (Okay, I just like to watch TR kissing.)

Maureen McGowan said...

Oh, and I just can't stop talking about this... That other DJ at the radio station. Whoever that actor is... Seems to me he was brought in to RUIN the last couple of seasonso f Gilmore Girls... and now he's ruining FNL. Can't stand him. Creepy, cheesy smile, whether he's playing a Christian radio host or a spoiled trust fund kid. Cheesy. Icky. Yuck.

Molly O'Keefe said...

Yeah in the first season they built up all this interest in the characters - we were involved with all of them over such a long period of time. And it didn't seem like such a long period of time because they used this awesome device of football games to add outside drama - there would be one episode leading up to the game and then the game. And that rythm really worked - now they are throwing in tons of characters we don't know or care about and little story archs are starting and ending in the same episode -- terrible.

We watched the movie this weekend and it's so much what is great about the first season of this show. Football is the dream - the escape route - the only way to rise above -- and what that means to all these characters is devestating. Peter Berg - what's happened to you?

Maureen McGowan said...

You are smart, Molly.

Your ability to break down why good storytelling works (and why bad storytelling doesn't) never ceases to amaze me.

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