Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I don't get the Oscar noms this year.

Okay, so this is a little off topic for drunk writer talk... but there are some really crazy nominations for the Oscars this year. Maybe it won't be the end of the world if the ceremony isn't broadcast.

Setting aside the acting and best movie awards for a second... Why the heck was Eddie Vedder not nominated for best score and multiple times for best song for Into the Wild??? The music made that movie and it was a great movie. I love that Hal Holbrook got a nomination for this movie, though... Back when I first saw it at the film fest in September, I thought Holbrook should get a nomination... But I also predicted nominations for Sean Penn, Emile Hirsch, Catherine Keener and Eddie Vedder.

What's with nominating virtually every song from Enchanted? I mean, it was a cute movie and all, and a few of the songs were funny... But seriously? How boring will the ceremony be when we have to sit through the entire song list from Enchanted! When we could be watching Eddie Vedder perform???

Speaking of Hal Holbrook, the supporting actor list was probably one of my favorites. I love that Holbrook got a nod. Really, you must see this movie. He'll break your heart. And I love that Casey Affleck got a nomination for The Assassination of Jessie James... even though he was really the lead in that movie. The Affleck boys had a good year and it's nice to see Affleck the younger getting some recognition.

The actress in a leading role list seems off to me, too... Cate Blanchett was good and all, but the Elizabeth sequel just wasn't that strong a movie and hey, hasn't she already won an Oscar for playing the exact same role? And while I loved Away from Her and love that a Canadian movie is getting Oscar recognition (Sarah Polley also got a nomination for writing the screenplay)... It does feel like Julie Christie's nomination is a bit sentimental and nostalgic... look, Julie Christie is acting again. Look, she's still beautiful in her sixties. Still talented. Not that there's anything wrong with all this. The movies have been sorely missing Julie Christie and if it takes her getting all these nominations for her to get cast in more good movies, I guess I'm for it. Don't know what my point is here. I guess when I try to think who I'd put on this list to replace her... I'm at a loss. I must keep a better list of the films I see this year so I have a reference point next year.

I love that Juno is getting lots of recognition... The not-a-Canadian film that might as well be. Filmed in Canada with a Canadian director and Canadian lead actors, Ellen Page and Michael Cera. Actually, very cool that Jason Reitman got a nomination when his dad is such a famous and successful director and producer and never won any major awards for it. (Little piece of trivia I heard today... Ivan Reitman actually won a Genie (Canadian film award) for his 1980's (or was it late 70's?) film Meatballs. Too funny.)

The foreign film list is a total mystery to me. And I see a lot of films. In fact, I saw all of the foreign films nominated for the Golden Globe in this category... And I've never even heard of any of these films. Not one.

Okay, no real conclusions here. The entire nomination list just feels flat, predictable and lacking excitement for me.

One more dash of trivia... This year's list does confirm, however, the TIFF's reign as the official launching pad for Oscar contenders... Looking down the list of films in the major categories... All of these films were in the Toronto Festival this year:
Michael Clayton; In the Valley of Elah; Eastern Promises; The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford; No Country for Old Men; Into the Wild; Elizabeth: The Golden Age; Away from Her; The Savages; Juno; I'm Not There; Atonement; Persepolis; The Diving Bell and the Butterfly; Across the Universe; Lars and the Real Girl.

I didn't do a calculation... but I'll bet that's something way better than 80% of the films -- excluding the ones in the makeup and sound categories, which rarely tend to be film festival types of movies. A couple of those foreign language films may have been at the festival. Don't know. If they were, they weren't ones on my radar screen or that I heard any buzz about...

Who wants to take bets on whether or not the strike will be over in time for the Oscars? Not sure I care so much anymore.


Molly O'Keefe said...

I was suprised Micheal Clayton got as much as it did -- best picture? And I agree Eddie Vedder deserved some nominating for sure!!

I think movies like Juno and Little Miss Sunshine just keep proving that the world wants to celebrate humor with heart. Althought - I don't think Ellen Paige for best actress is totally fair - I think she just played a version of herself.

Maureen McGowan said...

Yes, I think it's all the Michael Clayton nominations that stuck in my craw, too. (Stuck in my craw???)

You should see Ellen Page in Hard Candy. Also playing a teen. Totally different character. I'm not sure if she weren't so young or hadn't sprung onto the scene so suddenly, that she'd have received a nom... But I'd love it if she won. She's my fav in that category for sure.

Anonymous said...

Loved Ellen Page in that movie. My sense was always that the movie lived and died by her performance and if she'd played it even a little off, the movie would have suffered.

some of the noms were head scratching, but am thrilled they nominated the song from Once.. Gorgeous song and I'm excited to see it performed. It really deserves to win.

Maureen McGowan said...

I agree on the Once nomination... And maybe even the August Rush one. (I'm so embarrassed I saw that movie.)

But did Enchanted really need 4 nominations???

Molly O'Keefe said...

I don't even know what Once is? Is it a secret movie?

How are we not talking about Heath Ledger. I'm so sad.

Maureen McGowan said...

Once is a lovely Irish musical. Very cool movie. You and Adam would love it, I think. It's a musical... but because the characters are singers, it's not like the artificial "Let's burst into song in the middle of talking" kind of musical. It's more like everything really important that gets said between these two characters, happens when they're singing one of their songs.

And I'm sad about Heath, too. Really sad. Was thinking about posting something on my other blog.

Wylie Kinson said...

I'm so sad that I've missed seeing the majority of these movies!
In 'normal' years (this obviously, is not one), I see lots of movies and in fact make a point of seeing the ones up for both Globes and Oscars. (How could I have an honest opinion if not, right?)

I'll do better this year!
That said - I still haven't seen Juno, Nat'l Treasure, PS I Love You, No Country for Old Men...

In the meantime, thanks ladies, for your commentary and reviews so I won't feel like a total dweeb on Oscar night (if there is one).

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