Friday, October 19, 2012

I miss Arrested Development

Television is amazing right now. Between Homeland, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Vampire Diaries and more, the hour long drama has never been better written/ acted/ directed. And they are sustaining the greatness over several seasons, which is even more impressive.

But comedies just aren't quite there right now. I loved New Girl last season, but so far this season, it's been only OK for me. I enjoyed some episodes of Suburgatory, but last night watched the one from this week and barely chuckled. I got a little bored with Modern Family last season, so stopped watching and can't think of a comedy right now that makes me laugh out loud more than once an episode.

Louis CK is great, but it's more awkward humour and brilliant self-awareness than it is laughs a moment, and nothing has matched Arrested Development for me. Over three seasons that show was hilarious. The characters were almost completely unlikeable except for Jason Batemen and his son, and they seemed to take glee in making them as unlikeable as possible, but they were funny. I've watched all the episodes at least twice and actually physically jumped for joy when I found out they're making a movie.

Comedy is ridiculously hard, I get that, but I've had enough poignant laughs from Modern Family/ Suburgatory/ and almost every other comedy out there. I want to belly laugh. Anyone have any suggestions?

and, not to gush, but The Vamp diaries. Amazing. This season they are doing some incredible things with plotting and character. The scene where Damon walks into the church and smirks as he crosses himself with holy water was priceless.


Stephanie Doyle said...

I'm with you Sinead. I LOVED New Girl - but haven't been as in love this season. And while I love MF - it's becoming fairly predictable.

And Community - which I also loved they are shelving. That show was weird/funny.

So I'm at a loss. And since I can't do studio comedies anymore I'm at a loss for the funny.

Maureen McGowan said...

Comedies are hard... They're hard out of the gate because sometimes the ridiculous characters aren't funny off the bat... But the flip side of that is that they can get monotonous once you know their "schtick".

Modern Family still does it for me, because it often makes me cry too... I don't watch it just for the laughs.

The New Girl is at risk of being a show where it's just about exploiting the characters' quirks... They need some story arcs, stat. :)

For me right now, Parks & Rec is my fav. It's another one that can make me LOL and cry on a very few occasions. Brilliant actors on that show. And the Paul Rudd guest bit last season--priceless.

smittenkittenorig said...

I slacked off on Modern Family last year but came back for this seasin. It's still working for me. Also, I really enjoy The Middle & Happy Endings. For the most part though, I'm a drama person. Vampire Diaries seems to be taking no prisoners. Damon's still my favorite, Elena most assuredly will have to become more dynamic after years of whiny, Caroline is still my fave & any time Klaus wants to pop up, I'm calling it a party.

Walking Dead, Magic City, Homeland, Copper & Boss are also making my entertainment life fantastic.

Anonymous said...

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