Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Funk

Just a few weeks ago we were blogging about all the reasons we were looking forward to fall... and for some reason this new season's just not working for me yet. It might be because, with the exception of a few cold days at the end of TIFF, we haven't had fall-like weather here, yet. Still wearing cropped pants and sandals and it's almost Thanksgiving! It might be because I've been anxiously awaiting the green light to make an announcement that keeps taking longer and longer (and consequently seeming less real and less exciting). It might be because so far I'm not turned on any of the new fall TV.. Or it might just be because I'm in that always horrible for me half to two thirds of the way through my book--the stage where it always seems like crap. (Every time, after I push through this part, I remind myself not to listen to the doubt demons at this stage--to just plow ahead as fast as I can and finish, trusting I can fix whatever's wrong in revisions--yet with each new book, the demons get louder, or my ability to ignore them gets worse instead of better because my personal stakes keep getting higher...)

All those reasons seem like valid contributors. But I think I've hit on the real reason I'm in a fall funk. I miss Molly. Come home, Miss Molly!!! We miss you!


Anonymous said...

Perk up!! No funks allowed, although we do all miss Molly.

I am excited for when you can tell the world your news.. that will be a pretty great pick me up

Anonymous said...

It's not Thanksgiving yet! Don't say its Thanksgiving!!!!

(In denial of Fall)

Eileen said...

I hate that book stage. It's awful. The self doubt. The anxiety. It's awful. And to have it to do without Molly! How unfair!

Enjoy the last of the beautiful summer. As Game of Thrones taught us . . . Winter is coming. :-)

Maureen McGowan said...

Sinead, I did perk up later in the day. Mostly.

Anonymous, not sure where you are... but we do Thanksgiving in Canada a good 5-6 weeks before Americans... So, for us, Thanksgiving is actually weekend after next. Less than 10 days away. Yikes.

Eileen, Self doubt has been slamming me hard. But I vow to plow on!

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