Friday, August 19, 2011

Hair and bachelor Pad

Because at this point in my life, I have absolutely nothing to offer on craft, and there seems to be a drastic absence of anything good on TV and me getting out to see a movie seems like a laughable concept, I have only Bachelor Pad to talk about.

Which is a tremendously sad statement on my life, and the glee with which I approach this show is bordering on pitiful.

That said, this week was the same soul sucking absence of anything worthwhile about the human condition, it did show some really interesting hair. Not just hair, but some pretty obvious extensions, so basically fake hair. Obviously there are no hairdressers in the pad, and the camera men are trying gamely not to show them completely from behind, unless they are in bikinis, and so the detail I noticed this week are that hair extensions are pretty obvious if your hair is stick straight.

And continually dying hair bright blond is pretty bad for hair as well, so in the bad lighting split ends and frizzies were everywhere.

So what does this have to do with writing. Well, truthfully almost nothing. Except reality television still gives me some of the most unique details about characters, like the hair thing, while showing the most broad characteristics out there. Kasey as a villain is so obvious because he practically cackles after every statement he makes. And even when you feel bad for a person, they still find a way to be awful, like the vapid blond chick who is humiliated when every guy in the house picks her as the least attractive and so she says horrible things about another girl to make herself feel better. That was a character detail that actually rang true to me.

And there, I just managed to justify the two hours that show will suck from my life this coming Monday.


Stephanie Doyle said...

Sinead I'm with you every step of the way.

I actually found myself feeling sorry for this girl being pelted with eggs who I wish I could be as "thick" as her... and then she turns it around on someone else.

Wow. Just wow.

Best line of night

Vienna..."You forced me to have my break up on TV now you're forcing us to be here..."

Chris H "Forcing? There are exits to the house, over there and over here... help yourself."

Maureen McGowan said...

Ha! Steph, that was my favorite part, too. Vienna's such a media whore, and then for her to accuse Chris Harrison and the show of exploiting her? Chris, yes, he stirs things up and tries to create drama, but at least he admits it.

I felt sorry for that Princess chick, too. Especially since she assumed the reason the men weren't attracted to her was because she's a size 6 instead of a 2 like the others. Um, maybe it's because you have a really icky personality and wear a tiara all the time that none of the men are in to you?

Who am I kidding. Those men are all as deep as soap film. It probably is her weight.

That game with the paint balloons was horrible. I'm surprised one of the questions for the women wasn't, "Which man has the smallest penis?"

Stephanie Doyle said...

Maureen - THAT would have been an awesome question.

Something like "attractive" a guy let's roll off his back. But for a woman this will result in tears.

But go after a guy's tiny ding dong... now we're talking humiliation on a grand scale.

Can't you see Casey in the exit interview... "I don't understand why the girls think that I have a small penis. Has been Vienna been saying something? No, I didn't get this tattoo as some form a masculine compensation."

Maureen McGowan said...


Eileen said...

That's it. I'm going home and DVRing this thing.

Molly O'Keefe said...

I will not share this with you! I will NOT! You can't make me! Stop telling funny stories about this that make me interested!

Side note - saw half the first season on modern family on the airplane - you're right - one of the best ones out there. Every relationship kills me.

Anonymous said...

Eileen, be a better person and resist the Pad.... I feel like I drop IQ points every time I watch it, but now I even watch it live... so as not to miss anything..

Loved that Vienna moment, Steph and I'm still trying to understand her appeal... she is so unattractive to me. But she does make for great television.

Anonymous said...

Molly!!! how is your trip? Are you having an amazing time? and yes, Modern Family is great.

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