Friday, November 19, 2010

The magic of the perfect character

I don't know if it's prep, or luck, or a combination of the both, but sometimes other people(ie. not me) find the perfect character.
An example of this, for me, is Sheldon, on the Big Bang theory, a sitcom I'm only now just discovering. sigh! Always late to any party.

The character is perfection, and luckily, for the show's producers, played to perfection by Jim Parsons. The character is a combintation of Asberger's and obsessive complusive disorder with a complete lack of understanding of human nature added to a ridiculously high IQ and a complete lack of humility. And several seasons in, the character, while not fundamentally changing, is still funny and fresh and I think part of this is in the writer's choice not to overwhelm the show with too much Sheldon, but also not to try and change him.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, would be Don Draper. Totally imperfect, and a man consistently hampered by his own terrible personal decisions. But completely fascinating, always. I know this character was more prep than luck, but it doesn't stop me from being absurdly jealous.

In print, the closest to perfection for me is Zadist. The mostly riculously tortured, sexy hero ever. I could have read another 400 pages about him and that book is still a big comfort read for me.

I know I've missed a ton. Any other characters that could sustain many books, or seasons of TV?


Maureen McGowan said...

I've started to watch The Big Bang Theory now it's in syndication and after being really annoyed by it for a while, it's really growing on me, too. And he is a great character. Makes up for how I don't really like the Leonard character. I think the actor think *he's* not a nerd so he tries to hard to make Leonard one. The other actors seem to know that they're the type of guys people poke fun at...

But I am starting to really like it.

House was a great character (is, I guess, but I'm over him...)

I also love the characters on Grey's Anatomy, but I'm not sure one single character could have carried that show as long as it's gone on... But I find most of them interesting.

Chevy Stevens said...

I love Sheldon!!!

Eileen said...

I am still in love with Lucky from Tami Hoag's Lucky's Lady. Tortured (literally). A tough guy with an artist's soul. I am so there. I would read about him any day.

Also, Suzanne Brockmann's Cosmo Richter. I am wildly and uncontrollably in love with Cosmo. The fact that his lady love his a curvy dark haired writer didn't do much to douse the flames of my desire. Misunderstood. Totally tough. Ooey gooey center. Oh, yes. Check all three.

Charli Mac said...

I fell in love with Sheldon immediately. What a character. My tweener, my 12 yr. old daughter says she'd gonna marry him. Weird but it makes me laugh. And the word bazinga is now part of our family banter. *Sheldon chuckle*

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