Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Low Humor

This is not going to be a particularly erudite post. Bear with me. Lately typos (and other little errors) have been cracking me up. It's probably a sign of the stress I'm under that I'm finding these as funny as I do, but I thought I'd share a few with you.

We were planning a campus visit for my oldest son and thought it would be nice if his friend Chris came along. I sent an e-mail to Chris' dad saying Teddy would have more fun if Christ came along. Spell check didn't correct me. Chris' dad wrote back saying that he didn't know Teddy was so religious, but it was always good to have the lord by your side when driving 17 into Santa Cruz. I now bust out laughing every time I see Chris (and I seem him quite often).

One of the detectives whose reports I edit was describing an apartment building. He said it had multiple balonies. I'm pretty sure he meant balconies. I'm still snickering.

My sister was e-mailing with a potential suitor. They were discussing a movie they'd both seen. He wrote "your right tit was inane." It took ages to figure out that he meant "you're right. It was inane." She decided she couldn't date someone who didn't know "your" from "you're." Plus, she has a completely bodacious set of tatas and they are not in the least bit silly.

One of my sister's friends was setting up a dating profile. She's into exercise and billed herself as "fitness fun gal." Unfortunately, if you run it together and break it up, it comes out "fitness fungal." She still hasn't figured out why no one seems to be responding and my sister doesn't have the heart to tell her.

When my boyfriend left the office today, he texted me to warn me that it was raining (we live in California, it's a big deal) and then said "Layer." I thought he was telling me how to dress. He meant to say "Later."

And last, but oh so certainly not least, in my WIP, my hero rolled over and slammed off his alarm cock.


Danica Avet said...

Bwahaha, alarm cock...oh yes, I've left out the "l" many times when writing clock. The best typo I ever saw though, was from my mother. At one time we were all playing an online text based RPG. One of the other player's names was Shifty. My mom meant to emote "hug shifty", but instead emoted "hug shitty". LMAO It still cracks me up!

Sinead M said...

Those are great. My fav is the Christ typo. Gotta love religious humor.

Maureen McGowan said...

Oh, his poor alarm cock!

I once changed a character name from Crystal to Roxie. Did the replace thing without checking the box for capital letters. Re-read my manuscript an in a New Years scene everyone was drinking from roxie flutes.

I've seen some other hilarious ones -- especially in sex scenes -- but can't think of them right now. I'm thinking of one by a former CP, where a piece of female anatomy "down there" was something entirely different.

Molly O'Keefe said...

I love it! My parent's good friends have a giant clock in thier kitchen and Mick as a toddle used to love to go over there to see "the big cock" Whenever he saw MR.Z, Mick would call him "the big cock."

Chevy Stevens said...

OMG! Those were funny. The last one had me laughing like crazy.

Wendy Marcus said...

Thanks for the chuckle! I needed it today!

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