Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bleary eyes

Dang. I should have posted before my eye doctor appointment. Pupils are uber dilated, and I just survived (barely) the most horrendous, terrifying, exhausting walk in the heat and sunshine from the hospital where I had the snaps of my retinas taken to the dark corner of a Starbucks where I sit now trying like hell to see what I'm typing.

For the second time in about a month, I am so close to blind it's scary. I can barely see my screen. I don't realize how much of my days I spend either typing or reading until I can't really do either.

I tried to comment on another blog (actually a new groiup blog I'm part of, check it out) and it took me about three minutes of squinting and blinking and staring to figure out the stupid word for the spam check. It was readers. And not even typed in that distorted a font. For most people. Right now, I might as well by typing in wing dings. (Please excuse typos.)

So much for getting any work done today. Crap. Why doesn't this book just write itself? Maybe I should go to the movies. Who cares if Sandra Bullock is fuzzy. Ryan on the other hand...

My head hurts.



Sinead M said...

Go see the proposal. Dark environment, cute co-stars, nothing too taxing for the brain.

And then you can tell me how it is.

Eileen said...

Poor baby! I hate not being able to see.

Maureen McGowan said...

More than 24 hours later... And still don't have reactive pupils.

They have shrunk a little though. I can tell what colour eyes I have now.

On the upside, The Proposal was pretty okay (if blurry). Fairly standard plot and structure, but a few unexpected and fun character details and twists to keep it interesting.

Wish there could've been a little more time spent on some of the subplots, instead of say, some of the physical comedy that did nothing to forward the plot... (did we really need that stripper scene?) but that's the difference between a book and a movie. That story in a book, they could've really developed the father/son thing more... and the ex girlfriend thing... Not to mention the falling in love part.

They did do a half-decent job of showing her character's arc. Just not enough time in a movie to develop both character arcs well, I guess... not if you need to include the sight-gags required of the rom-com film genre.

Molly O'Keefe said...

good for you for even pretending to write -- hope you're better. Ryan Reynolds is so watchable - blurry or not.

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