Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fool's Day

Are there some things you simply can't joke about?

I like a good practical joke as much as the next guy (gal) and so realizing that my day to post on DWT was April 1st, I was rubbing my hands together, trying to figure out a great fake post.

Problem was, when I really started to think about things I could post that were even vaguely writing related, the only topics I came up with were things I couldn't bring myself to joke about...

For example, announcing that Sinead or I had finally landed our first freaking contracts with big NY publishers! Or that Molly had landed a huge single title contract!

Or, to go the other direction, that one or all of us had decided to throw in the towel and never write again. :-(

Joking about these things aren't funny to me right now.

So then I started thinking about new genres we might have decided to write in... and couldn't come up with a joke there, either, because for me right now, nothing is off limits. Yes, I'm a genre whore. I'll try anything.

Am I so sensitive about this publishing process right now that I've lost my sense of humor? Or are there some things you just shouldn't make practical jokes about?

In other news, we've all decided to give up booze.

April Fool!

Have a great April Fools Day. Hope you don't get sucked in to too many scams. ;-)


Sinead M said...

Can never do an April's fool properly. So I don't even try...

and the giving up drinking.. not even as a joke...shudder!

Anonymous said...

That's a good one. And I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to joke about any of it. Although I was having one of those nights when it sounded freeing to scrub my computer, delete all of my online accounts, and go hibernate somewhere. Especially while sipping some wine. :)

Kimber Chin said...

April Fool's Day always shows me who the great liars are and I promptly vow never to work with them again.

Keep the faith Maureen. There was a reason you were given so much talent and determination! I believe in you even if you sometimes don't.

Maureen McGowan said...

I think there's a difference between liars and practical jokers, Kimber. Still, too bad about your sewage treatment plant tour :-(

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