Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Best of 2008

This is a tough one. But I feel I'll be a slacker and ostracized if I don't put in my two cents to follow Molly and Sinead's best of posts.


Toss up. (Either that or I'm totally incapable of making a decision these days.) Okay, I admit that I'm totally incapable of making a decision these days. But I've narrowed it down to six:

- The Wrestler -- Astounding performance by Mickey Rourke. And I think Darren Aronofsky is one of my favourite directors (even if he is sporting a rather creepy mustache these days). And yes, I liked The Fountain. Thought it was fascinating. Shoot me. But back to The Wrestler. Aronofsky filmed this almost like a documentary, so that watching it, you get to a place where you feel like you're a voyeur on this man's life... and it's so absorbing. I blogged a bit about The Wrestler, here.

- In Bruges -- Totally forgot about this little gem until the Golden Globes. Loved it. If you're interested I blogged about it a bit, here.

- The Dark Knight -- I think Sinead covered that one well. I still think there was a chunk of the screenplay that could have been cut. And perhaps it was the dueling ferries as Sinead suggested, but loved that film and Heath Ledger's performance was astounding.

- Waltz with Bashir -- Okay, it's a documentary. Okay, it's animated. Okay, it's in Hebrew. Okay it's about war. Okay, the country in question is at war again... But it this film is riveting and an interesting take on the toll war takes--even on the victors. I blogged about it previously, here.

- Slumdog Millionaire -- Such a feel good movie. And so clever. Go see this film. Now. I blogged about it (beware minor spoilers) here.

- Wall-E -- The more I think about this film, the more I liked it. But I also saw Kung Foo Panda over the holidays, and I have to say, for a fun kids film, that one blinded me with its awesomeness, too. Legend tells of a legendary warrior whose skills were the stuff of legend... Gotta love narration like that.

And TV....

-- Battlestar Gallactica Season 4 part one. Can't WAIT for this Friday. Enough said.

-- Mad Men. I blogged a bit about the first episode of this show previously, here.

Okay, pretty lazy to write a post that's basically a set of links to previous posts... But that's how I roll.


Amy Ruttan said...

I haven't seen any of these things, and I feel totally out of touch and lazy myself.

Sinead M said...

Amy, some are easy to catch up on. In Bruges is really, really great and on DVD right now.
Mad Men Season 1 is as well, and seriously,I need help. I'm like a little kid the day before Christmas every time I thik about this Friday and both Battlestar and Friday Night Lights both on...

I think I might be a geek..

Molly O'Keefe said...

you kidding? Husband and I are throwing ourselves a litttle party. That's how nerdy we are.

Ruttan? What's the story with your bun/buns in the oven? Twins?

I'm not sure if I've said this enough or yet -- but THE WIRE!!!

I want to write a book about polish longshoremen. Seriously. This series...

Amy Ruttan said...

Then count me in on geekery, Sinead. I think Dr. Who, a skinny scotsman, is hot.



Abby said...

I would watch In Bruges, but I think you can get scabies just looking at Colin Farrell.

Oh God, BSG this Friday... I am sooo excited!

M. said...

The only Colin Ferell movie I've ever thought was good was 'New World' - yet whenever he's on screen, I can't look away.

Ref: movie impact on target audience: I thought WallE was superb; had no noticable impact on my 7 y.o. I thought Kung Fu Panda was amusing; same child has since eaten EVERY SINGLE MEAL AND SNACK with chopsticks (he's now much better at it than I am) and asks to go to China regularly. A trip to Pacific Mall was not considered acceptable.

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