Friday, October 03, 2008

Fall TV and how I’m coping.

It’s that time of the year again. New shows are coming on air, old shows are returning and I’m trying to figure out what I can watch.
Realistically, I have an hour of TV viewing a night. Some nights I can stretch it to two, but that’s rare.
Usually I figure out what makes the one show a night cut based on what languishes on my DVR. Right now True Blood, House and Life are stuck there.
I haven’t really come to love True blood yet, and so I’m not really excited about the next episode. House and Life seem too repetitive from episode to episode so my enthusiasm for them is winding down pretty quickly.
And then there is Dexter. I sort of loved the first episode of this season. It reminded me of the very first episode. The writers have taken the series back to the very beginning, with Dexter in control, feeling great, and really comfortable in his relationships.

Which of course makes me think they are going to devastate him this season. And now I’m thinking of all the ways they are going to do so. First and foremost being the great ending to the first episode of this season.

Because this show is at it’s best when the writers focus on the character first and the writers, aside from the occasional blip, really seem to know this. It’s smart, and surprises me and what more could I ask.

Well, I could ask for Direct TV, so I could watch Friday Night Lights, but I’ll wait till NBC airs it, even though I’m itching to see it.. so much I may have to re-watch season 1.

Between that and Mad Men, which I plan to start watching soon, and the Wire which has been on my radar forever, I think I will be watching a lot of great TV.


Amy Ruttan said...

I keep hearing about Mad Men, but have yet to catch an episode.

I just caught up on Season 4 of Grey's Anatomy so now I can watch Season 5.

And I'm sticking true to The Office.

That is all until Torchwood and Doctor Who return in 2009.

Sinead M said...

Amy, I have to start watching both... I am sadly behind on my sci fi... so Torchwood and Doc Who are on my list directly after Mad Men.
I'm letting House go, though... getting progresively bored by each episode..

Maureen McGowan said...

Mad Men rocks. Continues to rock in it's second season. Shows how powerful interesting characters are in the hands of good writers/actors. The "plot" just flows out of those characters without contrivance. Jealous of that.

I'm still loyal to Grey's, too, Amy. And The Office.

Like Sinead, House totally bores me now. It bored me last season, too. I realize when I've got the first two (three?) episodes of this season stored on my PVR and no desire to watch them, that a show's over for me.

Another show I've grown so, so bored of is Prison Break, which I know many gave up on long ago. Too stupid for words now. My fav line so far this season was the big bad guy telling the 6 guys carrying the cards that the good guys want, "Danger's high. Keep them on you at all times." which translates to: The writers are having trouble not being repetitive in figuring out ways to break into houses and offices and safes to get to these things, the viewers are getting bored, so keep them on you to make it easier for the good guys to get them, okay? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Oh, and let's send one of them to Vegas, because this SoCal set is getting repetitive, too.

I am, however, liking Heros again this season. Even if a few things are a tad confusing... (mostly which powers Peter has in which time period as he flips back and forth getting new powers) Can't he heal? Why did he die of gunshot wounds to the chest in the future???

Liking the Canadian SYTYCD. Emanuel Sandu getting cut. Now that was amusing. (Although would've been amusing for him to stay, too. Kudos to the judges for not just keeping him around for ratings.) And looks like there'll be some great dancers. Hope the choreography holds up.

Life I'm on the fence on. Very interesting characters, but unless they amp up the plots, I'll get bored. We've seen that guy spout enough philosophy and eat enough fruit already. It's like House in that regard. Fascinating characters. But at least House had all that sexual tension and other stuff going on in the first seasons. Speaking of sexual tension... Do they seriously think viewers will buy Reece with Donal Logue??? (I should keep quiet, I haven't watched this week's episode yet, so maybe that's not where they're headed with that.)

Boy, that was a long comment. Should've saved it for a post. ;-)

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