Friday, August 15, 2008

ouch.. my brain hurts

My brain hurts… and not because I’ve been writing, but because real life got in the way of the writing.

Really got in the way. In the past two weeks, I’ve maybe managed 200 words and the rest of the time, I’ve been sleeping, or working, or comatose.
As I wait for my life to calm down, and it will, just a few more weeks, I realized that I hate not writing.
Really hate it. I’m itching for time to get going on my current WIP. Got a whole bunch of new ideas.
One of which, is to make my hero more heroic, at least in the traditional sense, figured out a great way of doing so that also helps the story.
All good. And then I realized, that my secondary characters,(who may someday have books of their own if the first book sells… I like to think positive at this part of the process), don’t have to be heroic.
They can be bastards, not evil, but callous perhaps, cold, indifferent, too boyish, too volatile, and they don’t need a substantial reason.
At least not in this book.

They’re more interesting to me this way.

But that’s all my fried brain’s been able to process. Sad, because I haven’t even been reading, or watching movies..

But I have a seven hour flight coming up in about a week, and that time will be spent plotting and writing…

Seven hours stuck on an airplane..



Maureen McGowan said...

Realizing you miss writing might be a great outcome of all this busyness.

Maybe if I stay away from it for a while, it'll work for me, too? Let's hope.

And it's great that you've figured out how to make your hero more heroic. See? You are still writing in the back of your brain, even if you haven't had time to get it onto paper.

I think you're right about secondary characters in a series, too. I mean, Zsadist was nothing but scary in the first JR Ward books, yet we couldn't WAIT to get to his book. We trust that the writer will tell us why the hero's broken and will make him heroic in his own book.

Amy Ruttan said...

Wait I hope this is sarcasm about the plane.

I hate being on a plane. Oh Sinead if you're serious my hats off to you.

The five hour flight to Nationals damn near killed me. I hated being that stuck.

Of course I have a bit of claustrophobia so being stuck didn't make me feel that great.

Yeah when my life ... excuse me other people's weddings, got in the way of my writing I began to dream plots again.

I have to write. I realize that now. LOL.

Sinead M said...

Sadly Amy, I wasn't being sarcastic.
It's just the only five hour stretch I'll get in the next few weeks that will be all mine..
Amy, how was Nationals for you? Did you come back with any interesting news?

I don't mind long flights. And I'm not travelling with young kids. That alone makes this just fine..

And enforced plotting is sometimes a really good thing.

Annette said...

Wow, you know life is crazy when seven hours on a plane starts to look good.

Hope things settle down for you soon! :-)

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