Monday, July 14, 2008

Getting Myself Out of The Way...

Much harder to do these days what with the fetus.... but, not quite what I was just thinking about.

I love love love So You Think You Can Dance. There is nothing for me not to love about that show -- even Mary Murphy who is so annoying it's unbelievable she has a job, but she does and I even love that about the show -- they employ really annoying people. This year is better than last year, which was better than the year before that which was so addictive I probably watched it twice. This year I'm loving the Tabitha and Napoleon numbers -- not that I have any valid opinion about hip hop - but it seems to me that they do really good hip hop. I also loved Mia Micheal's bed routine. Mostly because Twitch's chest is a stupid stupid stupid thing of beauty. Good God, in my next life I'm coming back as a breakdancer.

But I am really enjoying the saga of Will and his partner (who is so overshadowed by Will I've forgotten her name). Now, every time Will dances the judges can't stop fawning - and maybe he is the greatest thing since sliced cheese - I like him. I like him a lot. But it's Jessica (that's her name, right?) that's teaching me lots of lessons. All the judges remind her that when she gets over herself, she's incredible and I believe that. The shirt number was amazing and so was last weeks incredible Tyce number/art installation. But, man, it must be so hard to get over herself when every week it seems like all the judges can't stop waxing poetic about Will - and she's constantly being compared to the guy, because they are dancing together!!! She needs him, she hates him. She wants to be as good as him, she resents him. She's learning from him, she's not as good as him. It's awesome. It's a little sad to watch, but I can't stop watching.

I also think that the last week and maybe the last month and a bit - the Drunk Writers - have been unable to get over ourselves. We're not writing, we're analyzing and comparing and hating and resenting all the stuff we need to learn. I am. Oh, I am. It's like I'm dancing with Susan Elizabeth Phillips every damn week - and it's great - but come on!!! Give me Gev or someone more realistic!

Anyway - I am going to force myself to snap out of this. I've turned in all my projects, I've eaten all the Frosted Mini Wheats a woman should eat, I'm off on vacation next weekend with three great books and I've got a new proposal to work on. Life is good.


Margaret Moore said...

I only watch this every once in a while, but I caught the Bollywood number last night -- LOVED it! Love, love, love!

And yes, Mary M. has about the most annoying voice and screech EVAH.

Also, I concur re Twitch's physique. Have they ever said if he has any formal training?

Kristin said...

It's so weird. I've tried to watch this show two years in a row now...and just can't get into it. So many fans...I don't understand it.

I love "American Idol," but this show bores me to tears.

I thought, at first, it was because I'm not a dancer and not really interested in dance. But it seems that even the non-dance people out there love this show.

Oh, well. Not like I need another reality show to add to my viewing schedule!

Maureen McGowan said...

Oh, I love SYTYCD more than life itself. Okay, not that much. Although last week when I couldn't get myself out of my own way... Maybe I did like the show more than life...

Kristin... Can't say why you don't like it... To me, all the other reality TV shows are about amateurs and this one's about pros. It's so hard to make a living in the dance industry that they can get top notch contestants and amazing choreographers.

There's a Canadian one in starting in the fall. Sadly Mary M. will be an occasional judge... I know she did some of the auditions. But the main ballroom judge is going to be that little French-Canadian guy who does choreography on the US version.

Blake who was the bad-boy contestant of Season One is going to be a choreographer and occasional judge... Hmmm... He was an interesting dancer (if totally full of himself) Perhaps he'll be a good choreographer.

As far as dancing with SEP or JRW goes... That's the rub. We talk about trying to write as well as the best out there, but then we just get depressed. Sigh.

Amy Ruttan said...

I haven't watched "real" TV in a long time.

My TV lately consists of DVD's like catching up on House, or downloads which keep me current with Doctor Who and Torchwood. Which I love more than life itself. hehehe.

This week though I've been catching up on movies that were either given to me, or I bought but haven't had the time to watch. The last few nights it's been all about Will Ferrell.

My MIL always asks me if I watch SYTYCD. Maybe I should just watch it so we could have SOMETHING in common. *wink*

Molly O'Keefe said...

Hey Margaret -- Twitch got very close to making the final 20 last year and after not making it - he went and took some classes. IT shows. The guy is good.

Kristin - I understand totally about not adding to your reality tv list -- I feel the same way about America's Top Model. Can't get into it - not trying very hard. But SYTYCD is a highlight of my week every week. I have such a sad life.

M. said...

I love the show also. Did I miss something? I think Gev is really good!

I'd like it if the judges stopped praising Will to the skies though, because even though I think he's a fabulous dancer I also think any minute the boatloads of judge praise might turn around and bite him. It feels like they don't trust the audience to form opinions itself, they keep pounding it into everyone's head that he will should win.

And Thayne! Great dancer, but paired with two weaker partners = killed his chances.

Lots of great dancers, but my heart belongs to Mark.

Molly O'Keefe said...

M - I agree about the praising Will thing -- it bit what's his name last year - the fabulous tall elegant guy. They loved him all over the place and he kept getting punched into the bottom three.

The Mark/Chelsea combo -- fabulous. Couldn't love them more. So strange and quirky and yet totally believable -- Mark is what happens when you commit. You can do anything when you just commit to doing it whole heartedly. I love that show.

Sinead M said...

That was Danny last year and I loved him, mostly because whenever he had a solo, it was amazing..
I feel the same way about Will.
Lovve him, but I also love Twitch..

So many great dancers this year..

Kristin said...

Maureen, that's the funny thing...I don't really 'get' that their dancing is so superb. I sort of sit there thinking to myself, "Well, that was interesting." or "pretty" or "weird." But I don't get any emotional anything out of it. To me, I don't see that they are either professional or amateur. They're just dancers, which means nothing to me I guess.


On the other hand, I am a big lover of America's Next Top Model. Really, what I like about it is seeing how those photos turn out. For some reason, seeing all the work that goes into the pictures and then finding out that some girls have a natural flair for it and others don't, is very interesting to watch. Typically, I fast forward over the cat fighting....

Well, ladies, enjoy your show!

Maureen McGowan said...

I'm a big fan of dance, Kristin, and most of them are really good. Particularly the contemporary dancers. I love that there's a venue for real dance on TV (vs. cheesy stuff with D-list celebrities...) But if you're not a fan of dance... then not much to like about that show, I guess.

And I'm with you on ANTM. I watch the British and Canadian versions, too. Addicted...

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