Friday, February 29, 2008

Why I love Drunk Writer Talk

Not the blog, but the getting together with my writer friends and talking writing, storytelling, rejections, successes and everything else in between.

I love my other friends, but they want to talk about their careers, and children, and the state of the world, and while I love these discussions, it doesn’t make me feel better when the writing isn’t going well.

It’s important because no one else wants to discuss at great length how awesome the story telling is in, Battlestar, Damages, Lost and Friday Night Lights. My non-writer friends love these shows, but don’t really have the same burning need to know why.

It’s important because no one, not husbands, not mothers, not even our best friends understand how devastating some rejections can be. And therefore they don’t have quite the right words to console. A pat on the back and ‘the next agent will love it’ doesn’t work.
Although a pint of cider sometimes does, and a bottle of wine always wins.

It’s important because no one else understands how freakin’ difficult it is to write the books we write. Truly… I think deep down every non-writer thinks they could be a best selling author if they just put pen to paper.

It’s important because it feeds my creativity. Other writers’ opinions, theories, even wacky suggestions usually get my brain working.

And most of all, it’s fun.

And again, I have gotta pimp Damages. Saw the second show, and love the questions being raised and the two timelines.. and how jaded Rose Byrne manages to make her character in the second timeline without saying a word.
I think I have a girl crush on Glen Close.


Maureen McGowan said...

As you well know, Drunk Writer Talk has saved my life many a times. Well, if not my life, my will to keep writing and keep loving it, in the face of so much freaking disappointment.

My stupid dang PVR didn't record Damages on Monday for some bizarre reason... But I think that episode is replaying tomorrow night... It had bleeping better be.

Molly O'Keefe said...

I think the fact that my other friends don't want to talk about POV like I do, or dramatic tension, or why Friday night Lights is failing me - is the difference. Because really -- that's ALL i want to talk about - all the time. That and naps.

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