Monday, June 11, 2007

Richard Price and the Season Finale of the Sopranos

Hey so sorry I've been blogless lately. I've been finishing up a contracted book and trying to get proposals together all for a deadline at the end of the week. This is always the most stressful time finishing and starting and keeping three things in mind at once...yikes. My brain - it hurts.

Went to a family wedding in Pennsylvania this weekend and got to listen to a lot of NPR. Richard Price the novelist (The Wanderers) and screenwriter (Clockers, some episodes of The Wire among many others) was being interviewed and oh! the fun.

He said the difference between writing novels and writing screenplays is the difference between chess and speed chess. You're getting from A to B you're just doing it differently. I thought that was very interesting. He also said that novel writing is more art and screenwriting is more craft and while writing a scene in a screenplay he writes it like he's on a hot burner and can't get off until the scene is done. Because it's about immediacy.

Now, I don't write the novels he writes but the way he looks at screenwriting is the way I look at writing the books I'm writing. It's about the immediacy of the scene. How cool is that?

Sopranos? Hated it last night -- love it this morning. I felt manipulated last night but today I realize that all that stress I felt, all the angst and gut wrenching nervousness -- that's how Tony lives and it's perfect that instead of being relieved of his life he's going to have to just keep living it.



Anonymous said...

No need for an apology.
Your novels come way before your blog posts (unless you're a professional blogger, then reverse the two).

You know reading about how much writers watch tv, it makes me feel better about my online surfing. Different medium, same result.

Maureen McGowan said...

I felt manipulated for a bit, too... but the more I thought about it, the more perfect and ending it was.

And the "don't stop" lyric expressed how we kind of all feel about the series. I like that they left us wanting more.

I've heard speculation that they left things open for a possible movie. Maybe. We don't even know if Silvio will survive, do we...


Molly O'Keefe said...

I heard a great analysis last night that those ten seconds of black screen at the end of the show was Tony being shot (the guy in the members only jacket who went into the bathroom)-- the guy referenced the first episode of the season when Bobby said that when you get whacked you don't even hear it.

I like that too -- I like how it can mean anything. It's the sort of situation that the ending wasn't going to please everyone -- so let everyone infer thier own ending. Risky -

Maureen McGowan said...

That's a chilling interpretation, Molly.

The more I think of it, the more I like all the open questions. I mean almost any "real" ending would have seemed too pat to me.

I read somewhere else that the screen at the end wasn't black, it was grey, (Must watch it again.) to symbolize the fact that the ending was ambiguous and left up to the viewer...

Me? I think Meadow simply came in and sat down and life went on...

But it easily could have been him getting shot the second she walked in... But I'm not sure if that makes any sense given the rest of the episode. Guess it could have been someone loyal to Phil but not to Carmine? Let's face it. I guess if someone shot Tony it could have been a lot of different people.

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