Monday, March 26, 2007

Apologies and Books

So sorry to be such a bad blogger these days. I've been at my parent's house in rural Illinois and it's not that they don't have internet or even a fancy flat screen monitor - it's literally that I've so ENJOYED being unplugged. What a break. You know, it's not until you get off the totally exhausting non stop schedule of checking email that you realize how ridiculous it is. So, I took it one step further and didn't blog either. Apologies. BUT -while not blogging or checking email I have been reading some AMAZING books. AMAZING.

Water For Elephants -- excellent book and an excellent example of what happens when literary writing meets fantastic storytelling meets a super cover. Blockbuster. A bonafide can't put it down blockbuster.

Match Me If You Can -- is it the best Susan Elizabeth Phillips has ever done - no. Strange back story dump and a - for her - sort of blase hero -- however even a bad book of SEP is one of the best books I've read this year. Great heroine and as an addition to Sinead's thought provoking post I would have to add the heroine from Dream a Little Dream. Can't remember her name but man oh man was she something. She might be the heroine I aspire to replicate the most.

The Memory of Running -- just getting into this one but wow. Wow. Again. A beautiful meandering story - excellent storytelling but in a literary fashion Ihave no idea what's going to happen next and it's fantastic.

Silent As The Grave -- again just great storytelling told in a solid not flashy way. Excellent example of subplots and vivid imagery and a really great historical mystery heroine.

So - that's what I've been doing. Maureen? What's new with you??? Hmmmmmm????


Christine said...

Yes, Maureen...what's new???

Maureen McGowan said...


What's new with me is that I'm saved, sort of, from doing a blog post tonight. I think I'll let Molly's post stay up another day.

Oh, and I did final in a tiny little contest probably no one, especially in the romance world, has heard of. ;-)

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