Monday, September 11, 2006

My favourite movie.

Movies are top of mind right now, because Maureen is at the Toronto film festival and I am teeth gnashingly jealous.

I love movies, find something interesting in almost everything I see, even the bad ones. (except the Big Lebowski, but why would take up too much room here.)

My favourite movie is Aliens, has been since I first saw it well over fourteen years ago. Some movies make an initial impact and fade with time and experience. Some grow on me on the second viewing. Aliens I loved from the first frame.

I know, it’s not the usual fav. But to me it’s got everything I love about storytelling. A kick ass, conflicted, multi-dimensional heroine, tension in spades and great villains. More the actual Aliens, than the Paul Reiser character.

I think that movie has influenced more of my storytelling than any other movie I’ve ever seen. I love the rich character dramas, the gorgeous historical epics, but a tightly plotted, suspenseful, edge of your seat movie will always be my favorite.

And Sigourney Weaver is amazing.. What more can I say?

It’s always interesting to find out what other people’s fav movies are and how their writing reflects it.


Kimber said...

I think the sexiest movie I have ever watched is Chronicles of Riddick. The whole man as beast theme. Love it. Forget sensitive men, give me a good fantasy alpha.

I enjoyed Sixth Sense for the detail. I watched it in the theater after being completely spun from a project. Even with that, it sucked my brain in.

Not one for the artsy fartsy movies. And I have little patience for movies that don't capture me within the first half hour. Have been known to walk out of more than a few.

Sinead M said...

Hey Kimber,

I LOVED Pitch Black. saw it in the theatre without really knowing anything about it.
Enjoyed Chronicles as a follow up that was completely different from the original.

Loved the Sixth sense as well, but loved Signs more.

Great movie mentions.

Wylie Kinson said...

In the romantic/epic drama, I'd have to give my vote to Legends of the Fall. I actually gasped aloud (yes, just like in books!) when Tristan appeared on screen for the first time.

Jordanne Ford said...

My favourite movies are a bit all over the map. Bram Stoker's Dracula is at the top, and I'm certainly not a horror fan. I love the love story. True love enduring through the ages and the redemption that love provides. Under the Tuscan Sun is a movie that just makes me have hope. I keep watching for my lady bugs, but I just seem to attract mosquitos. And I love A Muppets Christmas Carol, just cuz it makes me feel warm and fuzzy and it makes me laugh. There's others, but the list is long.

Sinead M said...

This is why I love hearing about people's favorite movies. The range is amazing.
I loved the beginning of Legends of the Fall, but the movie really dragged for me, even with the presence of Brad Pitt.

I did love Dracula. There was something about Gary Oldman... and the muppets.. well, perfect. Love the muppets.

Molly O'Keefe said...

Brad Pitt as like a dope smoking pirate ruined Legends of the Fall for me -- but Adian Quinn salvaged it. Adored him. Great topic Sinead. And how funny that you've found people to support your Pitch Black/Chronicles of Riddick love.

I thought she was alone in that Kimber!!!

Kimber said...

Actually I walked out of Pitch Black. Didn't interest me at all.
Riddick...well...Riddick had me at the first sweaty bicep curl.

Didn't like Legends. I understand the spare guy in Pearl Harbor (in times of war, always prudent to have a spare guy) but TWO spare guys? That seemed a little greedy to me.

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