Sunday, August 13, 2006

In defense of...Daniel Craig and The Zipper

Originally, I was going to defend Kevin Costner -- who always seems to need defending but I've been doing it for years and it's gotten me nowhere. And today I am inspired by last week's arrival of our Esquire Magazine. Fantastic magazine - excellent writing, lovely men, and the most beautiful woman in the world mystery has kept my husband on the edge of the toilet seat for months.

This month the top of their Best Dressed List is the controversial new Bond choice and if the cover photo alone doesn't convince you that Daniel Craig is clearly going to turn a dying and outdated movie franchise into one of the hottest movies of the year...Well, you're dumb.

First of all - Daniel Craig has got some chops. We rented Enduring Love this last week and despite the glacial pace of the brilliant book turned very slow movie - I thought he was pretty fantastic. He held his own in the quiet scenes (of which there were a few too many) and on screen with one of the best actresses of our time (Samantha Morton) - which I really wasn't expecting. He was fantastic background in Munich and absolutely RIVETING in Layer Cake.

Second - it seems to me Bond is about a certain attitude, a physical presence and the proper fit of a tuxedo jacket. Craig has those things in spades. The man, while not pretty like Pierce Brosnan, is FREAKING GORGEOUS and totally capitvating - it might be the crazy blue eyes. And perhaps the best part of Enduring Love is the fit of Craig's gray tee-shirt in those first amazing scenes. The guy actually looks like an assassin, like he could hurt you with or without the toys.

I can not believe that there has been such uproar over this casting decision.

The new Casino Royale is going to be great - because of Paul Haggis's work on the script and the new take on Bond as a human rather than a slick corporate ad, but mostly because of Daniel Craig. A great choice for the new bond.

As for the Zipper - there is not a state fair, county carnival or Toronto Ex that isn't improved by that rusty, terrifying death-machine. I love the zipper.


Margaret Moore said...

He was the assassin-priest in Elizabeth, too -- that bit where he's walking down the medieval corridor, black gown a-swirling around his ankles? Dangerous and sexy!

Maureen McGowan said...

Oooooo.... Margaret, I thought I'd seen him before. Now I need to rent Elizabeth.

I thought I saw Daniel Craig for the first time in Enduring Love. I saw it at the 2004 TIFF and he as there in person and GORGEOUS. I fell totally in love.

And Molly's right. He has such an intense presence. He looks like he could kill (or seduce you) just with his eyes.

I can't wait for the new Bond film to come out.

Margaret Moore said...

Yep, you gotta rent Elizabeth! I don't think anybody does intense quite like the British. Clive Owen, Richard Armitage, Rufus Sewell, Jason Isaacs -- and that's just off the top of my head!

Sinead M said...

LOVE Daniel Craig. He looks amazing as the new Bond.

Loved Layercake. The man does intensity and sexy combined so well.

and have to re-rent Elizabeth, cause a movie with Clive and Daniel has to be re-appreciated.


Sara Hantz said...

I have an awesome pic of him, but I don't think I can post it here I'm not sure..... no I can't sorry. I'll post it on my blog

Karen in Toronto said...

I totally agree with you Molly. It's the attitude that's going to make him a great Bond. Don't forget he was also in Munich with that other hunky guy Eric Bana.

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