Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Wrapping up In Plain Sight

So we're big fans of the USA Network series here at the Rendahl Ranch. They're wrapping up one of our favorites right now, In Plain Sight.

I did have this witness protection fantasy about being swept out of my life after witnessing a murder because of the show. Beyond that though, we love the cranky main character (Mary), her brainiac partner (Marshall) and even her dysfunctional family. I miss her boyfriend (Rafe) from the first season like I miss an old friend that moved away.

They're wrapping up the series. I like that they're tying up the story lines and bringing closure to a lot of things. It's nice. We get to see this character have her final arcs. I'm really worried about the romantic side of things, though. There's always been this tension with the brainiac partner. Throughout the series, they've both been with other people, yet there's always been those lingering glances and a few other instances that make it clear that they have feelings for each other.

Normally, I'd be all in favor of the two of them getting together. This time, though, I'm not.

I want Marshall, the brainiac partner, to stay with his current girlfriend/fiancee. I'd rather have her end the series alone with no one than have her end up with Marshall.

First of all, I love the relationship between him and his fiancee. It's sweet and supportive. Second, Mary would eat Marshall alive. Every day would be a battle and eventually he would get tired.

 She can't get back together with the boyfriend from the first season because he's already with someone else who is nice. She can't be with her baby daddy because ... well, he's unworthy. There was this military guy from last season that there was a glimmer with, but he'd have to come back in the very last episode and I don't want her to be swept off her feet. She's not that kind of woman.

I don't want her to end up alone, though. I really don't. She deserves love.

Is anyone else watching this show? What's your feeling? Who should Mary end up with?


Eileen said...

Wah! WHere did my paragraph breaks go? I'm getting confused reading my own post without them.

cindy holby said...

I agree. I want Marshall to stay with Abigail. Mary is not the settle down and play house type.

I love the USA today series. Can't wait for Necessary Roughness to come back so I can once more indulge myself in Marc Blucas fantasies. Also love love love Covert Affairs and Royal Pains along with Burn Notice.

Maureen McGowan said...

I don't watch that show... Sounds like I should. :)

If you edit the post again, make sure you're on the "compose" tab (not HTML) then to the right you'll see Options. Make sure it's set to "Press Enter for Line Breaks".

And then put in the line breaks you want.

We can talk offline about why this is happening to you guys. Must be a combo of where you're composing and how your pasting it in and what settings you have...

Maureen McGowan said...

I just took the liberty of adding some. But probably not where you intended.

Andy said...

Absolutely... Mary needs someone, but Marshall ain't it. They need to stay best friends who support each other, perhaps some romantic tension remaining, but I REALLY hope the writers/producers don't take the easy way out and put them together.

Abigail would come kick their respective asses.

Eileen said...

Thank you, Maureen! I'm perfectly happy with your paragraph breaks.

We're with you, Cindy. Love the USA series. Don't forget Suits, too!

Anonymous said...

I really need to watch some of these.... I've missed all of them.

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