Thursday, February 02, 2012

My Kindle Died!!!

Okay – maybe not dead, but for thirty minutes it did not work at all. I’ve been judging my RITA entries so I’ve gone back to reading actual books in paper form and in the three weeks of not charging my Kindle it lost all power. So when I went to pick it up last night and it wouldn’t turn on I let out a cry of despair.

Which makes me realize how much my reading experience has changed. I know some people will say they will always want to read paper books. I know some people will say that they enjoy the feel of the book in their hand. That it’s just not the same on an eReader. And I hear all of you. I thought I was one of you.

Until I became… a Kindle junkie.

Having to read actual physical books again was not fun and in many cases even though I had been given a free book to read I considered putting the money out to download them. Maybe that’s something RWA can consider - having authors provide Amazon/B&N gift cards for the price of the book rather than the book itself. Although I’m sure logistically that would be a nightmare, but you know where I’m going. Some “e” alternative.

All I know is that I hate opening a book to a page and not having it stay where I want it. I hate needing two hands to read a book. I hate stiff trade books that don’t easily fit into my purse. I hate not having my convenient light on my reader case to illuminate the page when I need it. I hate not having the anonymity of people not knowing what I'm reading.

I eat out a lot at restaurants and like to read at the bar as I’m eating my meal. (A Kindle you can rest against a water glass and still read while using two hands to cut your food – genius.) Since my Kindle I could be reading anything and no one can tell. Not that I ever back away from being a hardcore romance reader, but there have been plenty of times when someone (usually a gentleman) will remark that I’m reading, (some see this as highly unusual - not sure why), ask what it is, and then go on about how silly or ridiculous romance novels are. It usually gets awkward when I tell them I write them as well.

Guys, I just want to eat and read my book. I don’t need commentary on my reading choice. Then wouldn't you know it, in my packet of Rita books there was a cover that was… shall we say… racier than most. Now normally I really don’t care, but I realized since having my Kindle how nice it was not worry if people were checking to see what I was reading and not having to hear anything from the peanut gallery.

So that’s it. I’m here to confess it. I no longer care for books. That hurts me just writing that sentence but it's true. I only want my Kindle… fully charged.


Karen Whiddon said...

I know, I know. I've got one Rita book left to read and my Kindle also died. I much prefer reading on the Kindle - so much so that I asked for (and got) a new Kindle Fire for Christmas. So now I have two!

That said, there are still some authors I buy only in hardcover. Kristin Hannah, Stephen King, etc. However, recently I've bought some of those only hardcover authors' (Lisa Kleypas for example) backlist on the Kindle. Saves storage space in my office! While I still have lots of paperbacks on my Keeper shelves, I no longer will buy a paperback book. I buy those on my Kindle.

I also try a lot more new books. Recommendations by other authors - boom, it's on my Kindle. Spoils me, at least until I get the credit card bill!

Eileen said...

It's also way easier to read on an ereader while blowdrying your hair. My hair takes forever to dry and frankly blowdrying is boring.

I'm with you. I'm so much happier with an electronic book these days.

Maureen McGowan said...

One Rita book left, Karen! You are so fast. I'm a little stressed about how I'm going to finish my stack-o-books this month while I'm also on deadline.

Last year I had mostly category books and I bought them all in kindle format. Awesome. This year I got a genre with much longer books... and some very steamy covers (and contents). But I'm not sure I want to fork out the money to buy them.

I will always love books. I love looking at them. I sometimes like reading them better than my kindle. But I LOVE reading on the kindle. I didn't think I'd love it half as much as I do. For all the reasons Stephanie mentions.

I've had that panicked no-charge thing too. Usually when I accidentally leave the wireless on (which drains the battery in mine about 100X faster).

Anonymous said...

I am with you on the kindle love. I was without for about a month, after losing my first and I really missed the convenience of having it and downloading books so easily.

I bought three books the day I got my kindle back...

MJFredrick said...

I'm also reading my Rita books--three more to go--and I miss my Nook! It's sitting there, plugged in, by the bed, waiting for me. I hate having to crack spines of books to read the words tucked in the margins, I hate the tiny print. Maybe since I only have three more I'll buy them. Wonder if Fictionwise is having a sale...

Rain Trueax said...

It's nice to be somewhere that someone talks about Kindles like I feel-- a wonderful addition and not something to threaten books forever after :)

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