Friday, May 30, 2008

Watch great movies, great TV and read great books.

I followed Maureen’s link to Karin Tabke’s blog and found a great question there.
Can you learn to be a good writer?

There are some great answers on the blog, and in short most people feel that yes, you can. I completely agree. With practice, writing, getting critiques and really listening to the criticism, we can learn to write well.

The other aspect is reading and watching great storytellers.

So, yep, in case you needed it, I am completely giving everyone permission to spend time in front of the TV, to go to movies and read great books.

I think, like osmosis, it sinks in, permeates our subconscious and teaches us what works and what doesn’t. Especially, if like us drunk writers, you talk it to death after the fact.

We have spent hours dissecting the greatness of Friday Night Lights, and Battlestar. Some of it really useful, some of it rambles after too many pints.

Molly listed her books for the summer, and I don’t have much to add to those, but I’m adding some movies and TV shows to my list.

Looking forward to the new Indiana Jones, even if just for nostalgia. The new batman, cause I deeply loved the first.
I’m going to spend the summer watching the Tudors, Mad Men, and possibly Torchwood. Christine and Amy have converted me through their blogs.

Not sure what else, but I’m hoping to learn lots. And enjoy in the process.
Another reason why I love writing.


JKB said...

You know, Sinead, I was at the Indiana Jones. And it was good purely for nostalgia's sake.

But BSG? I am so consumed with envy that you get to see it. And that handsome hunk of an ex Starbuck has. How was last night's episode, BTW??

Anonymous said...

Hey JKB,
Haven't seen last night's epoisode yet, but will post a comment as soon as I've watched, but the previous two episodes have been amazing.. really amazing.

Love Harrison Ford. Raiders of the Lost Ark blew my little mind when it came out when I was quite young and since then, it's been all about Harrison.. so really looking forward to seeing it.

Maureen McGowan said...

Don't read my blog on the Indiana jones movie before you see it. But then we need to tawk.

I caught the last half of Mad Men, and then the first couple. But am so excited CTV is showing it all this summer. Really want to see it straight through. And Torchwood... Are you going to catch that online? Are any of the Toronto channels showing it?

LOVED BSG last night. LOVED it.

Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to Mad Men and sort of sad I missed it on first viewing.

Torchwood I might have to do some searching for, as it's an English program.

BSG.. so excited to see it. Love what they have been doing with the show the past few episodes. It's sad that 10pm on a Friday is too late..

Molly O'Keefe said...

hey -- didn't get to see BSG last night. I'm at my folks house and they've discovered netflix as a way to watch every single old western ever made. I've seen more John Wayne in three days than any woman needs to. It's funny how storytelling has changed - I watch these old movies and all I can compare some of them to are bad high school plays.

Amy Ruttan said...

OMG Sinead, you have to watch Torchwood!! I love it and I wasn't really into that dark paranormal alien type of shows.

I've never watched BSG, but according to Christine that will be on the agenda for my summer. She's such a whip cracker! ;)

I want to watch The Tudors as well.

You should also watch Dr. Who. David Tennant is an excellent Doctor, so dark and with such highs and lows. WOW. I thought the first Doctor played by Chris Eccelston was great, but David Tennant is amazing.

I also read Karin's blog, and you can learn to write great. I mean, I look back now on my earlier works and my writing has come a long way.

Here's a plug for Maureen, The Golden Opportunity was great feedback as was the TRW critique sessions in March. I'm always learning something, always improving.

It boggles my mind sometimes how far I've come since I really started to trying to write back in the summer of 2006.

Anonymous said...

Amy, based on that recommendation, I'm going to hunt down Torchwood today.. can't wait.

And the Tudors.. could be an all British summer.

Oh and JKB, battlestar this week was good, not great, but it certainly had some interesting revelations..

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