Saturday, November 03, 2007

Why aren’t more people watching Friday Night Lights?

I’m a bad blogger, I know, but I literally couldn’t think of a single writing topic this week, until now.

I know we blog incessantly about Friday Night Lights, and Dexter and Battlestar, but we do this because (I’m talking for Molly and Maureen here) we are consistently blown away by the storytelling on these shows.

This week on Friday Night Lights, they took the pimply, lanky, homely Christian Hard Rocker and made him heroic and wonderful and made the gorgeous bad girl believably fall in love with him. And then they gave him his dream moment and directly afterwards, tore his world apart.

And I loved every moment of it.

And if that isn’t reason enough to watch it, how about for the alchoholic bad boy, who is the most soulful character on the show.

Or, for my favourite reason, the best written, possibly ever on TV, married couple. The coach and his wife. Brilliantly played by the actors, but the truthful, authentic moments the writers are throwing on the screen between these two consistently blow me away.

And not to offend anyone, but freakin’ Ghost Whisperer is kicking its ass in the ratings…

I mean seriously…


Unknown said...

I hate to say I haven't watched this yet. I will because I love football and I love a good drama. But there are so many other shows I'm watching on TV right now, I can't fit it in. It will probably be a DVD viewing for me.

Maureen McGowan said...

You should watch it, Christine. Buy the first season in DVD. You won't be disappointed.

I dislike football, but I love this show.

Very high drama, but consistently underplayed so it doesn't come off too melodramatic. Well, maybe some of the stuff with Jason Street comes off a bit melodramatic, but not really. In lesser hands, his story line could be totally soap opera and instead it's real and raw.

LOVED the moments Sinead mentioned in this blog. Also loved the little scene where Lyla kisses both Street and Riggins and then says, "I think I need to go pray." Tiny scene but it said everything about those three and the conflict her character feels. Still not a big fan of her character, but in those kisses you could see how much she's hurting. She could have lead the two of them to bed for a threesome and I wouldn't have believed the scene less.

And Ghost Whisperer is beating it in the ratings??? What the @@@k is wrong with people??? I think they just moved Men in Trees against FNL too. I actually like MIT (in spite of the ever annoying Anne Heche), but it's not the same caliber of show as FNL. But sadly, it might suck more of the female viewers away from FNL.

Molly O'Keefe said...

Great show -- great show. Loved the married couple scenes -- my husband and I laughed out loud - they just nail so many things on the head. Oh! LAndry! How is it that the one plot line at the beginning of the season we were all a little worried about is now easily the most compelling story on TV? Oh Landry!

K J Gillenwater said...

Really? Ghost Whisperer? Gag!!!

I *heart* FNL. And I am in total agreement with you on the Landry love.

To Christine: you are going to be very sad when you finally decide to watch the DVDs and realize what a perfect show you are missing. And a show that might not be on the air anymore if people don't watch it.

The show has very little to do with football, but a lot to do with very real characters behaving and speaking in a very real way. Coach & Mrs.Coach are *so* pitch perfect. I just cannot say enough how brilliant the actors are!

Riggins probably had the best couple of episodes since this show has been on. His heart-felt call to Lyla from Mexico, and then his talk with Street on the 'booze cruise' boat. I love that messed up kid.

Molly O'Keefe said...

I love that messed up kid's body -- is that wrong?

Anonymous said...

I only just watched the complete set of season one on DVD (had not seen it prior to that) and I was blown away. I now have it set on my TIVO. You're right. The married couple doesn't dance around hard issues. The husband doesn't bend to his wife at every turn and she doesn't do it for him either. Their reactions look so real that its easy to forget they're acting.

I'm not a TV fan. It takes a lot to get me to stop and watch a show. This one has what it takes. Sadly, it seems that when I do find a show I like, it doesn't stay on air long. I guess my tastes aren't the same as the majority.

Anonymous said...

I love all the Friday Night Lights love I'm hearing... Christine, you seriously have to watch.
It will renew your faith in TV and give you something to keep you going until April and the 4th season of Battlestar..
I heart Tim Riggin's body as well..

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Ghost Whisperer.
I love that it is about solving problems and helping people to "cross over."
Very positive and upbeat
while still scaring the pants off of me (which might be why the hubby watches it with me).

Hhhmmm... I would have thought this would be a tv show romance writers would like. Lots of twists but a guaranteed happy ending.

No interest in Football
or on going dramas.

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