Monday, September 24, 2007

The Writer Editor Relationship and BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN

It's been such a crazy week - my son decided to not nap for about three days which sent me over the edge and kept me away from the computer for three days. We're back on track and I'm making up for it with what may be my shortest post ever but these two things are so great.

The first is a clip - with one take on the editor/author relationship (actually it's more like drunk writer talk. Maureen comes to us and says I want to write a really delicate story about a mother and a daughter and Sinead and I say "YOU NEED SHARK SEX!")

The second clip is for Sinead - who at last DWT - confessed a new love for Bruce Springsteen. I am stupid for the man. And this is a clip I think she will LOVE LOVE LOVE (it will appeal to her norweigan heritage). Amazing song -


Unknown said...

I've seen that writer clip a few times now and every time I laugh my head off...but not laugh my head off.

Molly O'Keefe said...

Like laughing your head off....but not that. Definetly not that.

It's soo funny --HEY CHRISTINE!!! WELCOME BACK TO TORONTO!!! TRW is so glad to have you back!

Maureen McGowan said...

Shark sex! I knew my last manuscript was missing something. :-)

Anonymous said...

That clip of Bruce has finally gotten the image of him dancing with Courtney Cox out of my head..

I finally understand.. I really do.

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