Thursday, August 09, 2007

Harry Potter

You had to know one of us would get around to blogging about it sooner or later.

Like the rest of the world, got my copy of the 7th book the day it came out. Unlike most others, it took me a few weeks to read it, due to being seriously busy, occasionally sick and somewhat sleep deprived.

I love this series. Probably my favourite was the 4th book, which I read in a day and half. But having finished the 7th, I feel satisfied. The series and I can’t give away any spoilers, felt complete, I closed it with a happy sigh. Did I love the last book, not with the same fervent attention I had given the first four books, but I did really enjoy it.

One day, I’d like to reread all seven books and try and really figure out what it is that JK Rowling does so well. Some day far in the future.

My initial impression is her pacing. Except maybe for some excess in the 5th and 6th books, each scene adds something new to the plot. Even though the books are long, they don’t feel that way when you read them.

Her plotting is also excellent. I rarely know exactly how things are going to go and those lovely surprises are a rare treat these days.

How did everyone else feel about the 7th book?


Unknown said...

I haven't read any of them! I really need to get these. I feel like I'm on the outside of a special club looking in.

I did just get paid today...

Anonymous said...

Christine, it took a while for me to be convinced to read a kids book, but once I was involved, I was seriously hooked..

I don't think you'll regret it

Anonymous said...

I had to wait until my fourteen year old finished the book. She got it at 8 a.m. Read straight through till 5 a.m.
It took me a couple of days to finish but I thought it was great. Not her best book of the series but a good, satisfying ending.
Favourite scene (I think Chapter 35?): Harry walking with his loved ones - I sobbed!! That scene alone is proof positive J.K. Rowling is an uber - talented writer.
Most unsatisying: not as much Ginny/Harry interaction (As a YA writer I'm always looking for the romance!)

Maureen McGowan said...

I still haven't read 5-7 in spite of buying them when they came out...

I just saw the movie for 5 though... So may just pick up 6 so I can get to 7 more quickly... Feeling out of the loop. Much the same way as I was in 2000 when I hadn't read the first 4 and then devoured them in about 2 weeks.

What's amazing to me is how you get sucked into her world so completely.

Anonymous said...

Nelsa, I loved that scene as well, and I loved how her books became progressively darker.
Without spoiling anything, this is a dark book...
Yeah, not a great romance in any of the books.. but I'm largely ok with that 'cause I wasn't expecting it..

Anonymous said...

Haven't read Potter but I will sneak in a movie reco... Stardust.

Went to a sneak peek a week ago
and there's a reason this movie has had the more sneaks of any this summer.


Only wish it was advertised more.

Anonymous said...

Stardust looks amazing, I love Michele Pfeiffer.
If anyone has a spare moment, head over to the entertainment weekly site and check out the article on Harry Potter by Stephen King.

Wow! Great article. My admiration for the man grows and grows every time I read an article of his.
He seems so completely enamoured of storytelling, but without any pretension.
Love him.

Anonymous said...

Just saw The Last Legion last night.

Great cast. Great novel. Horrible movie. Not cheesy enough to laugh at (took itself too seriously) but far, far from good.

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard of the last legion. Is that the one with Colin Firth?

Finally saw Bourne and Harry Potter and both were great..

Unknown said...

Loved it!(Despite her killing off some of my favorite characters. So harsh.) Nelsa, it is true that there wasn't much Harry/Ginny, but I am inclined to agree with Stephen King that Ron/Hermione is "the" romance of the series. I was very satisfied with their scenes. About time!

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