Friday, May 18, 2007

the bad news and the good news...

If you read Molly’s blog this week, you’ll know in the majority of cases, most writers starting out don’t make a ton of money.

And please don’t think this situation exists just in category. I’ve heard of single title advances being lower than category advances for romance and other genres.

And if you read Maureen’s blog, you’ll know publishing is one large guessing game. No one really knows, we’re all throwing out darts, hoping one will stick, and that includes editors and agents.

So where does that leave us aspiring writers. Chances are, even if I do sell my next book, my advance broken down on the work I did on an hourly basis for just that book would be pitiful. And thats if it sells, which in this market can be a long shot.

So why do we keep going?

Had a drunk writer conversation with Molly and Maureen on just this topic. Maureen’s theory, we’re too stubborn to give up. I completely agree with this. I’m really stubborn and once started, I hate to give up on anything.
But there is more to it. In the hard work, and the revisions and constant edits, is this entity, my book - people, conversations, events, and I created it from nothing.

400 pages of actual stuff that wouldn’t have existed had I not sat in front of the computer. A concept I love, an idea that makes me genuinely excited and in all of this, a serious love of storytelling that’s really only come to light in the last two years.

Any storytelling and a deep down appreciation of great storytelling.

And in that, an ambition to create a great story. I’m far from there, but with every book, I get closer. And I find that really exciting.

Basically I’m a story geek and proud of it.

So amidst all of the uncertainty and difficulty, this keeps me going more than anything. That and my great writer friends and my critique group.

What keeps you going?


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I'm writing the novels I wish were available when I grew up.

There aren't many people who can and want to write the books I'm writing (normally the few business writers out there are writing non-fiction and certainly not romance).

Do I expect to make money from it?
Do I expect to sell millions of copies?
(Again reasons why businesswomen aren't writing them).
Do I think someone else could write them better?
Sure but no one is and until that happens...

I simply think they should be written and available.

Maureen McGowan said...

Stubbornness is certainly part of it for me, but I hope not all of it. On the bad days, I worry it's all of it.

I, too, love to create something. I was on a chat with Jaci Burton last night who was talking about the feeling of immense satisfaction derived from actually finishing and sending off a manuscript. Sure, then the fear kicks in again. The waiting. The uncertainty.

But you can't beat that feeling of creating characters, situations, a whole freaking story out of nothing.


Molly O'Keefe said...

storytelling geeks UNITE!!!

Unknown said...

I wanted to be a movie director when I was a kid. Then I met my husband and decided to get married and have a family instead. Writing is my way of still being able to create and tell the stories that I want to see out there. Plus I don't have to leave home! :)

Henri de Montmorency said...

"400 pages of actual stuff that wouldn’t have existed had I not sat in front of the computer."

Henri is loving this.

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